The Biofield Viewer is a digital viewer which reveals the Aura, and Chakras as living energy fields. The invisible made visible.  This Biofield Viewer observes and makes visible the energetic functionality of Aura revealing any imbalances and areas that would benefit from healing/treatment.

I trained with scientist Harry Oldfield over 20 years ago and have now updated my Biofield Viewer to the latest state of the art version.

The Biofield Viewer is no gimmick, it is a scientific approach that allows light interference patterns to be observed between the human Biofield system, and a standardised lighting system. 

For many years I, like many other Professionals world wide have used this system successfully for clients who wish to know the health of their Aura.  As a Holistic Practitioner and due to years of experience using the Biofield Viewer, I believe dis-ease/ disharmony are first seen as energetic imbalances within the Biofield. 

Your Biofield Viewer Session will be conducted in a private room.  Myself and an assistant will be present, unless otherwise requested.  During your Biofield Viewer Session, you will observe your Aura in motion, in real time.  We will discuss the energetic patterns I see within your Aura and if required I will suggest any beneficial Holistic treatments.