Alison Demarco – Spiritual Communicator, Medium, Visionary, Colour Therapist, Electro-Crystal Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Face & Temperament Reader, Personality Assessor, Self-Development expert & Life Coach, International Speaker and Author.

Alison reads people’s lives like an open book, for the benefit of their wellbeing, happiness, health and success.  Alison has been seen and heard on BBC TV, ITV Lorraine Kelly Morning Show, Channel 5 House Busters with Russel Grant, Radio, and featured in the National & International Media.

Alison also offers Guidance and Support in the workplace and uses a colourful Team Building System to understand Personality & Temperament, thus creating balance and harmony for the team members.

Alison suffered from anorexia and depression during the early part of her life.  In her thirties, a nervous breakdown forced Alison to wake up and heal her mind, body and soul.  Alison then re-ignited her childhood spiritual awareness and essence.  A few years later, Alison was diagnosed with breast cancer on two separate occasions. Breast Cancer provoked her to implemented both Natural Healing and Spiritual Doctrines as well as mainstream medicine.  Alison has gained knowledge in many different ancient teachings, and now over the past thirty years has helped guide others towards their purpose and happiness.  Her childhood ability developed, she communicates with Spirit and passes on information from those who have passed over to her clients.

Author of Dark Storm Golden Journey. The Signature From Tibet and Lomond’s Awakening, she is an experienced Practitioner, and entertaining speaker and lecturer.  Alison runs workshops worldwide, offers numerous self-development webinars, & Private Readings, as well as facilitating her accredited Colour Therapy/Colour Language and Personal Assessment & Face Reading/Temperament Courses.

Alison Demarco makes her home in Edinburgh, Scotland.