In the intricate dance of relationships, Alison has witnesses herself and others as they become entangled in the web of projections—unconscious images and expectations we cast onto our partners. These projections, fuelled by our identification with either masculinity or femininity, shape the dynamics of our connections and influence how we perceive and interact with each other.

The Power of Projection

Men, identifying with their masculine nature, often project their feminine side onto women, while women, identifying with their feminine essence, project their masculine side onto men. These projected psychic images serve as invisible partners in every man-woman relationship, significantly impacting the dynamics between partners.

The Impact of Projection

Projections can greatly affect how we perceive and relate to our partners. When a projection occurs, the person carrying the projected image may either be overvalued or undervalued by their partner. These projections carry potent psychic energy, often gripping us emotionally and influencing our attraction or repulsion towards the other person.

The Dynamics of Positive and Negative Projections

For women, projecting their positive animus image onto men—viewing them as saviours, heroes, or spiritual guides—can lead to idealization and infatuation. Conversely, men who carry positive animus projections from women may feel flattered initially but may later become aware of the burdensome nature of these projections.

The Shift from Idealization to Disillusionment

As familiarity exposes the relationship to reality, positive projections may fade, giving way to negative ones. What was once seen as fascinating and magnificent may transform into frustration and disappointment. This shift—from overvalued to undervalued—can lead to feelings of resentment and belittlement within the relationship.

Embracing Authentic Connection

Alison offers guidance on how to navigate the complexities of projections in relationships. She knows that we must strive for authentic connection and self-awareness. By recognizing and owning our projections, we can move beyond idealized fantasies and embrace the reality of our partners. Only then can we cultivate relationships grounded in mutual respect, understanding, and genuine love.

Conclusion: Embracing Wholeness in Relationships

In the journey of love and connection, Alison will help you to embrace the full spectrum of our masculine and feminine energies. By acknowledging and integrating these aspects within ourselves, we can foster deeper connections and create relationships that honour the truth of who we are—flaws, complexities, and all. Book a reading with Alison on 07716 669 566