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Video – 4+ hours Colour Language Consultant Training

Monthly online webinar

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No time limit for completing your training

100+ hours of study


The Learn Colour Language Advanced Training is designed in an easy to understand and creative style.
Study, the different applications and conditions that colour can shed light on and help with.
Colour Language can help unravel the cause behind depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, patterns, conditions, negative beliefs.
Colour Language is a well-recognised language system which helps people to reconstruct their lives.
Colour Language is a highly successful therapy that cuts straight to the core of a person’s issues.
Colour Language, is a colour code that is prevalent in our everyday lives, it is highly valued and used in marketing, medical professions,
corporations, industry and in our environment.

Because Colour Language quickly cuts right to the core of a person’s issues, highlighting feelings, emotions and
their influence on how we deal with adverse emotional reactions, colour offers the necessary skills required to examine and
process the thoughts which have led to suffering.

Colour Language will look at identifying and changing destructive thought patterns; this will lead a person to process
new ways of thinking and communicating.
Through techniques and self-inquiry exercises you will explore and examine yourself, which will help you to discover the hidden truths
behind your personality, behaviour, patterns, conditions, beliefs, values, thinking and communication style.

The potential benefits of Colour Language are, that it helps to improve self-worth, and highlights the structures for self- development.
Colour choices will identify the preferred communication style of individuals, and this, therefore,
enables people to talk to each other without creating disharmony.

Understanding your true personality leads to identifying who you are attracted to and why.

Learn how to understand your true personality and that of others to enhance and better your past, present and future relationships.

The use of pictures and video’ helps trigger natural learning as well as aiding with the retention of information,
and is a crucial factor included in the training.
The Colour Language Consultant Level Training will enable participants to apply for membership to IPTI and be eligible to purchase business insurance.


Learn how to establish a proper Colour Language Consultation

Learn how to establish an excellent client-consultant relationship

Learn how to implement excellent active listening skills

Learn questioning skills, strategies, and how to give constructive feedback

Learn how to identify your client’s goals and needs and the skills to implement them

Learn how to keep your client on track and support them with their new learning

Learn the skills to translate and communicate the meanings of all forty-nine single and dual colour cards

Learn about the properties help within the electromagnetic field (the aura) and their relationship to our health and well-being

Learn how to view and draw the aura, its properties and their relation to colour

Learn the principal of the Kundalini and its relation to the evolution of our spirituality

Learn the ancient knowledge of the meridian lines and their importance to us in our lives

Each colour includes a detailed description, with recommendations, strategies, thought-provoking questions and stories that will demonstrate how colour affects your daily life

Furthermore, throughout the Colour Language Advanced Training book, evidence will be provided to show that colour is stored in the memories of past and present events, beliefs, personality traits, behaviours, and conditioning

  • Aura
  • Energy filed medicine
  • Colour Chakras.
  • Meridians
  • 37 dual colour combinations translated and constructed for Consultant procedures
  • Colour Language & Personality
  • Colour Language Consultant Training Test Papers

Finally, the ultimate goal of Learn Colour Language is to empower the individual to reach an accurate understanding of who, what and how they indeed are.  Raising awareness will ultimately open new possibilities and help focus your mind to think and behave differently, enabling you to realise and achieve your goals.


The Learn Colour Advanced Training is designed to impart further knowledge about how our personality, traits, behaviours, mannerisms, thinking, feeling, beliefs, reactions, conditioning, and preferred communication modes can come to light through the psychological aspects of a person’s colour choices.


After this training, you could: add Colour Language to your everyday life, add to your existing business or consider starting a new business enterprise.

LEARN COLOUR LANGUAGE ADVANCED TRAINING is designed for anyone looking to learn more about colour, energy medicine, aura and the psychology of colour and how it’s messages translate that which lies behind, as well as, in front of the characteristics of human nature and behaviours.

Study how to further read people like an open book, recognise their true personality, hone in on how to understand and develop better inner and outer relationships.

Study the colour descriptions and interlinked skills to create new positive communication traits to empower yourself and others.

Learn how to master and your future


No formal qualifications are required to study Learn Colour Language.
Training is suitable if you want to learn new personality awareness and skillful communication, or even begin thinking about starting a new career.
Understanding the messages behind a person’s colour choices sets you ahead of any personal, or work-related interactions.
As well, Colour Language is an excellent addition to your C.V.


This training is designed to take the participant to the exam level of the COLOUR CONSULTANT


A certificate of completion to the LEARN COLOUR ADVANCED TEACHING will be issued by email, on completion of all the test papers, ,br>but does not an entitlement to practice as a Colour Language Consultant unless all test papers have been completed.

Alison Demarco is a member of IPTI, and her course Learn Colour Language Training is accredited by them.
Only after the successful completion of the Learn Colour Language Foundation level and the Consultant Level Training, <br>can participants apply for membership to IPTI and be eligible to purchase business insurance.