This Is Who I Am: The Sassy CV Edition

When you hear the same thing over and over from someone, one day the penny drops. Well, guess what? The penny just dropped for me. Picture that penny dropping into the sea, creating ripples of new and exciting discoveries.

One of my closest friends has been calling me “Dory” from *Finding Nemo* for over fifteen years. Finally, I decided to check out who this Dory character is. Having never seen the film, I was thrilled to discover that Dory is a rather sassy, brightly coloured blue and yellow fish. I could relate to the sassiness but wasn’t too sure about the fish part, though my love of swimming is ever-present. Dory’s traits—alert, expressive, quick-witted, happy, fun-loving, and caring—resonate with me. Her sense of freedom, adventure, and excitement are also very much like mine. The more I read, the more fascinated I became with the similarities between us.

I was adopted, found my biological parents, locked myself up in a cage of depression, yet eventually found my way home.

Professional Life: Dory Style

Now, how does Dory’s personality fit into my professional life? Like Dory, I am ever on the path of helping others. Many people come to me because they are lost, lonely, afraid, anxious, stuck, and depressed. I offer a roadmap that enables people to find their purpose and move forward with an optimistic outlook on life. Like Dory helping Marlin find his son Nemo, I help people with conflict resolution in their relationships, overcome emotional destructiveness, and support those with limiting thoughts about themselves and others.

One of my most vivid memories is when I was touring Ireland. I landed in Cork and had the exhilarating experience of swimming in the Irish Sea with my daughter Tara, who was pregnant at the time, and Fungi the Dolphin, who swam beside us just an arm’s length away. As a mother and grandmother,my family are the most precious and cherished part of my life.

Overcoming Challenges: Dory’s Way

Like Dory, I have learned to overcome challenges. I didn’t know my parents as I was adopted and suffered childhood emotional abuse. The saying, “What almost breaks you makes you stronger,” rings true for me.

I set out to find my biological parents and fell into a deep depression, locking myself away for over six months until I finally saw the light and found the spiritual visionary, the soul I was born to be. Like the shell trails Dory’s parents laid down for her to find her way home, I was shown signs that led to my soul’s homecoming. Dory learned the language of Whale (wavelengths of Light) and I learned the language of COLOUR (wavelengths of Light) as well as the wondrous teachings from some of the wisest spiritual beings in the world.

Focused, I absorbed and remembered all the knowledge offered to me. I grew in confidence as I learned ancient healing doctrines, free to be me, to experience happiness and success, and to live the life I had dreamt of. This knowledge is what I have passed on to countless people, who, in turn, have changed their lives and become happy and successful.

The Real Me: Upbeat, Optimistic, Motivational

Professionally, this is me: an upbeat, optimistic, motivational, intuitive visionary. As a psychic, I have come to accept and not question how I receive messages from those who have passed over. I simply know that, like Dory who says, “Just keep swimming,” I say, “Just keep going.”