Foundation Course:  £333.33

Certificated Foundation Training
PDF Training Book
Video – 4+ hours Colour Language Training
Monthly Online Webinar
Tutor Support
No time limit for completing your training
Around 100+ hours of study

The Learn Colour Language Training, is designed in an easy to understand and creative manner.
The use of pictures to help trigger easy learning as well as aiding with the retention of information is a key factor included within the training.
The Colour Language Consultant Level Training can be purchased separately and is not included in this Foundation level.
Only after the successful completion of the Learn Colour Language Foundation and Practitioner level,
can participants apply for membership to IPTI and be eligible to purchase business insurance.

Learn how a person’s colour choices, will reveal and make sense of their past, present and future circumstances.
Learn how Colour Language helps identify different personalities, their traits, behaviours, mannerisms and preferred communication modes.
Learn the subtle linguistic and everyday messages of fourteen individual colours.
Learn the importance of these colours in our familiar world, and the effect they have on us as well as how they affect us.
Learn, the key to meaningful relationships by first identifying your own personality.
Learn how to access all the positive/negative qualities, and highlight the different areas for development.
Learn how to stay centered when in a heated argument and how to cope with feelings of anger.
Learn the skills to easily, and effectively communicate with other personalities, develop, stress free, positive, meaningful relationships.
Learn how to identify the secrets behind the everyday mask we wear, and read our and other’s lives like an open book.
Learn to successfully apply Colour Language for your personal use and develop a solid foundation to enhance relationships and better communication.
Learn how to understand your most dominant colour and its impact on you and others.
Each colour includes a detailed description, with recommendations, strategies, thought provoking questions and stories
that will clearly demonstrate how colour affects your daily life.

Furthermore, throughout the Colour Language Foundation Training book, evidence will be provided to show that colour is stored in the memories of past and present events, beliefs, personality traits, behaviours, and conditioning.

Colour Language & Personality
Colour Chakra
Colour food, Colour home
Positive colour traits – Negative colour traits
Real life colour Stories
Understanding colour communication
Colour Questions
Colour Personalities communicate
Different Colour consultations translated
Test Papers (only need done if certificate of completion required and or if undertaking Colour Language Consultant Training)
Finally, the ultimate goal of Learn Colour Language is to empower the individual to reach a true understanding of who, what and how they truly are. Raising awareness will ultimately open new possibilities and help focus your mind to think and behave differently, enabling you to realise and achieve your goals.
The Learn Colour Training is designed to impart knowledge about how our personality, traits, behaviours, mannerisms, thinking, feeling, beliefs, reactions, conditioning, and preferred communication modes can come to light through the psychological aspects of a person’s colour choices.
After this training, you could: add Colour Language to your everyday life, or continue your Colour Language up to Practitioner level and consider starting a new business enterprise.

LEARN COLOUR LANGUAGE FOUNDATION TRAINING is designed for anyone with an interest in learning more about the psychology of colour and how it’s messages translate that which lies behind, as well as, in front of the characteristics of human nature and behaviours.
Study how to read people like an open book, recognise their true personality, hone in on how to understand and develop better inner and outer relationships.
Study the colour descriptions and interlinked skills to create new positive communication traits to empower yourself and others.
Learn how to master and your future.
No formal qualifications are required to study Learn Colour Language. Training is suitable if you want to learn new personality awareness and skillful communication, or even begin thinking about starting a new career. Understanding the messages behind a person’s colour choices sets you ahead of any personal, or work-related interactions. As well, Colour Language is a great addition to your C.V.
This training is designed to take the participant up to (but does not include) the LEARN COLOUR CONSULTANT LEVEL.
A certificate of completion to the LEARN COLOUR TEACHING – FOUNDATION LEVEL will be issued by email, on completion of all the test papers, but does not an entitlement to practice as a Colour Language Consultant.
Alison Demarco is a member of IPTI and her course Learn Colour Language Training is accredited by them. Only after the successful completion of the Learn Colour Language Foundation level and the Consultant Level Training, can participants apply for membership to IPTI and be eligible to purchase business insurance.