Timeless and ever-relevant–Lomond’s Awakening is the story of one girl’s unexpected journey into a supernatural realm in search of truth, freedom and a sense of purpose. More than that, it is a story that reflects the human spirit in us all and our eternal quest for the true meaning of life.

Like most teenagers, Lomond couldn’t figure out what life was all about. The adults around her were obsessed with the most mundane and pointless of things; school, chores, the opinions of others, finding a career, making money; where was the time for fun and following your own dreams? She was sick of their constant nagging. Surely, life was more than this endless, mindless material roundabout?

Her whole world was about to change.

Whilst rebelling against her parents and riding on the back of her boyfriend’s motorbike, an accident occurs that puts Lomond into a coma. It is in this state that she discovers what lies beyond the reality of the physical world.

Thrust into another realm; Lomond is guided by a spirit energy, ‘Mrs. Rose’ and taken on a tour into another dimension of existence. A vast arena of colour, light and energy where time and space defy what we’ve come to believe is possible in the corporeal world.

In this world, Lomond is given an ultimatum; she must choose whether to return to the physical realm, or forfeit her earthly existence to remain in the surreal and sensitive world of spirit. Her decision sets in motion a journey into the ‘I’ consciousness, a search for the meaning of love and a sense of purpose for Lomond and others around her.


ISBN 978-0-9932165-2-7