PART 10 The story behind the Signature From Tibet

“The Temple is calling me Joan, are you coming”

“No, you go ahead I want to stay here and chat”

Outside the coffee shop, I stop for a moment and breathing in deeply, I fill my lungs with fresh air.  The sound of the birds chirping all around uplifts my spirits. I notice a variety of different vegetables growing in the organic garden, their vibrant colourful differing hues fill my senses.  Note to self, remember to purchase some later.

Walking across the wide-open car park, the glorious gleaming temple with its brightly painted red’s, golds and ornately carved designs, comes into view. This impressive building looms over the surrounding land, making its presence known to all who visited.  As I enter the Temple, I feel as if I have been plugged directly into a huge vibrational energy grid. Time and matter fade into oblivion, the silence brings forth peaceful feelings and a sense of oneness.  I recognise the beauty, the pain, the suffering, the love and compassion with the ultimate knowing that these feelings are what I have been searching for all my life.  As these feelings resonate with me on a deep level of the silence my awareness. It feels like static electricity that reverberates around me and resonates with my whole being. I welcome these feelings; they ignite a passion in me that touches me at a soul level.  The richness of vibrant colours, golds, reds, blues, yellows, greens of inner of the Temple, the golden Buddha statues, enormous colourful engraved drums, butter lamps, water offerings, paintings of deities is all emanating a magical energetic vibration.  Time, thoughts and even my physical body seem to merge with the surrounding energy fields.  Now I feel a lightness descend onto and into and through me. I am becoming free of the weight of my body, at peace and in a state of total bliss. 

A gentle hand on my shoulder wakes me from this state of nothingness.  “Alison, it’s time to meet with Akong, you must get up now” smiles Joan.  Shaking my head slowly my mind body and soul come back to reality as I wonder how long I had been sitting there.

Leaving the Temple, we head towards the meeting house. I begin to worry about the plans for Akong which I have tucked safely under my arm.  Would they be accepted, were they good enough and would the Rinpoche accept them.  I had no idea why his acceptance was so important to me, but I just knew that it was. How long had I toiled over these plans for the Healing Centre? How long had I spent redoing, checking and ensuring they looked professional?  I smile as I am convinced that the Rinpoche will accept them, after all surely that was why he had offered to be my overseer and granted me a Dharma Centre. 

My name called, I walked down the corridor towards Akong Tulku Rinpoche’s room.  Entering the room, all I could make out was Akong sitting on a chair, the rest of the room and all its furnishing had disappeared into a grey like mist.  Momentarily stunned I clutched tighter to my plans still under my arm.  With a radiant smile that lights up his face, Akong gestures for me to sit opposite him.  The chair he is pointing to now comes into my vision and I sit down and smile at him.  I tell him I have the plans that he has requested.  After chatting for a short time, Akong holds out his hands as a gesture for me to hand him the plans.  I watch him intently.  He looks at the front cover then flips to the first page.  Without reading on, he smiles and hands my plans back to me.  Akong tells me that I have not yet got the plans right, that I must re-do them. To say I was confused was an understatement.  What more could he want and why had he not even bothered to read the rest of the pages?  After a brief chat about the spiritual nature of colour, energy and healing, he suggested I use certain techniques for taming and developing the mind and suggests I speak with his brother Lama Yeshe. Confused and bewildered I bid my farewells to Akong with certainly more questions than answers…. Look out for part 11 coming soon…