Dynamic, Innovative & Creative Motivational Speaker and Personality Assessor

Alison Demarco

Author of

Dark Storm Golden Journey – The Signature From Tibet and Lomond’s Awakening


During this workshop in her usual, blatantly honest plain-spoken animated manner Alison guides the participants on an inspirational and potentially life-changing journey into the almost unidentifiable domain of the soul, the home of the true nature of the individual.

Presenting a set of different facial personality types in an easily recognisable observational system Alison will show each participant their complete essence, their true self, traits, mannerisms, behavioural patterns, and preferred communication style, cumulating in the identification and understanding of the other personality types.

Sharing the lessons learned from the remarkable people that she met along the way, Alison offers
valuable insights on self-examination, self-discovery, and personal growth.
Participants will learn how to turn the mind’s eye inwards, and self-observe beneath the
levels of chattering thoughts learned behaviour, beliefs, patterns, and conditioning.
Developing our senses and intuition will expand our perception of ourselves, others as well as stimulating
our inquisitive mind to seek the ultimate meaning of life.


By being part of Alison’s motivational teachings will enable individuals to reach the very core of their being and
so end the search for that special ‘unknown something.’
A sense of belonging, peace, harmony, and happiness will naturally follow.