Purchase £80 Gift Vouchers – Tarot Readings & Courses


Gift vouchers can be used as part payment or full payment on any courses, therapies or tart reading on the Alison Demarco website.

There is no cash refunds available.



Purchase gift vouchers that can be used on any tarot readings, therapies or courses offered by Alison Demarco on the website.   The gift vouchers are a great way to

  • help someone get over a hard period in their life
  • find themselves again
  • help with relationships and romance concerns via a tarot reading
  • become an online tarot reader
  • marriage tarot readings
  • Explore how to get into tarot readings
  • Become a face and temperament practitioner
  • NLP sessions
  • Reiki sessions


Alison can help you get more direction, comfort or clarity today!

Working deeper into your subconscious than traditional tarot your reading will give clarity

  • Book a reading of up to 60 mins
  • Experience Colour Therapy within tarot combined with vibration and light
  • Experience a deeper meaning giving you clarity and direction to move forward easier
  • Be in receiving mode from loved ones who have passed

With a passion to help other people, Alison has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge gained from world acclaimed mystics, scientists and medical professionals.  Alison gained recognition in the 80’s and appeared in many TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines.  A remarkable journey unfolded with her first book ‘Dark Storm Golden Journey’ which was published in 1999, subsequently followed by a further two books.  Alison taught the’ Science of Light’ at Napier University for their HND Course in Complementary Therapy and was a volunteer for the training courses within The International Association of Colour Therapists.

Looking to become a practitioner or advance your skills?

Alison can guide you from total beginner to be able to understand and make steps to becoming a practitioner or help you advance your skills to a deeper level using colour, face and temperaments 

  • Advance your skills by choosing the monthly easy pay subscription or have full access straight away
  • Learn the language of colour in the colour therapy and advanced colour therapy courses online
  • Have the edge for communication with her face and temperament reading course that is perfect for individuals or corporate teams
  • Communicate better with individual team members and assist HR departments and sales teams to perform

For someone who is looking to ‘see’ behind their mask, and the mask others wear, to the outside world, then this powerful Face and Temperament Reading Course is for you.