Anna Lovelock
of Golden Orb Healing said:

I have just reconnected with Alison Demarco after almost 20 years since we last met,
and her new colour cards and system hold the same powerful resonance I remember from before!
Getting to know all of these amazing energies again is like meeting hidden or
older parts of yourself and others, along with our ancient archetypes and Universal friends,
guides and helpers through the Veil! The best sign for me was my choosing no.
3 GOLD/GOLD straight away, which feels spot on as I work with this Ray and I have
a great affinity with this special number! I deeply know that Alison’s sacred mission is to spread joy,
love and insight via these spiritual tools of personal transformation;
and I can’t wait to rediscover more as I journey on!… Thank you kindly dear soul for all of your gifts of empowerment,
truth and wisdom… (And I also love how easy to use the cards are, the pouch is lovely and they are good value!)

Tracy Kelly said:

“This was a lovely reading. I felt go ‘mal-de-cluttered’ it helps me to understand myself and the way my thought process is”.

Mr. Anderson of Edinburgh said:

“I feel like my vision was blurred, but now I can clearly see.
I feel really high as in happy and have an overall understanding of what direction I need to head.
Thank you Alison Demarco.”

Barbara Hosker said:

“Alison’s readings bring startling clarity to your life… understanding about your past, revelations about your present and vision for your future which brings a sense of empowerment…so that you can finally tale full control of your future.
She helps you to see your life and the patterns that you have been too close for you to see for yourself as in you can’t see the wood for the trees.
Something along the lines of Alison’s readings are spookily scarily amazingly accurate she tells you things that have happened in your life that you have never told to another soul.”

Denisa Fabiani said:

“Alison Demarco is an authentic, gifted, and insightful Practitioner and healer.
She helps you to understand better, who you are, why you think, look and react the way you do in this world.
Alison has a depth of knowledge that shines a world of colour into your very own Spiritual DNA.
It’s like truly meeting yourself for the first time!”

Lynn Ogilvie said:

“Alison works from a holistic perspective. Her innate connection with the realms beyond the physical are natural and spontaneous.
Truly gifted as a healing resource.”

Curtis Brisefert said:

“I received a reading from Alison, it was very accurate and I was really surprised it helped me deal with some past emotions and also gave me a really good insight to my future.”

Sheelagh McMullins said:

I find (Alison Demarco) to be very professional, accurate and profoundly honest, in the work that she does. I have known and used Alison’s recommendations over a long period of time and can honestly say, she has never failed to amaze me, with her accurate and reliable information and help and gifted as she is, as an author and spiritual advisor.