It was during the summer of 1974 when a young woman – a stranger, arrived at my home and proceeded to tell me that I must visit a Buddhist Centre in Dumfries called Samye Ling. Imagine my surprise!  A stranger is telling me that I had to visit a Buddhist Temple!! This lady suggested I should meet with the founder of Samye Ling, a Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche.  She believed that I should tell Akong about my Healing Centre and my work with Colour and Energy Medicine.

My curiosity aroused I found myself agreeing to the two-hour trip the following week.  

When the day arrived for my visit to Samye Ling for reasons I could not fathom, I am alert and awake with a sense of intrigue and feelings of incredible excitement.

I was waiting outside in the car park when I saw a Blue Fiesta pull over beside me. Smiling at the driver, my new friend, I open the car door and sit down in the passenger seat. Immediately she asked me if I had remembered to bring the photos of my Healing Centre.  I smiled and told her they were safely in my bag, although I had no idea why she believed I should show them to Akong Rinpoche.  Both my new friend and Akong are strangers to me.

Heading out of Edinburgh towards Peebles, a Leonard Cohen Cd is playing softly in the background, as my new friend tells me about her life as a Buddhist, Samye Ling and Akong Rinpoche.

About a mile from Samye Ling, I suddenly noticed that a bird is flying directly towards our car. The next second, the bird hit our window screen — a sound like a gong when hit by its mallet creates an echoing ringing in my ears and fills my head with a warping-like vibration.  At this moment a strange surreal yet blissful feeling washes over me.

My fiend slams on the brakes and the car comes to an abrupt halt. My friend jumped out from the driver’s seat and picked up the bird, lying spread-eagled on the tarmac road.  “It’s a crow,” she said then putting the bird down on the back seat of the car, she insisted I sit beside it.  

As the engine roared back into life, my new friend, slammed the car into gear and we sped off towards Samye Ling.

Within moments the reds and golds of Samye Ling Temple came into view. At this point, I suddenly became aware of incredibly powerful energy, and feelings of excitement began to wash over me. As the temple disappeared from view behind the tall green pine trees, the entrance to Samye Ling came into view. Colourful Prayer flags strung on branches of the tree-lined entrance were gently fluttering in the soft breeze.

Deciding to get help for the crow, we headed for Samye Ling Office.  A kindly monk came to our rescue. On seeing the crow, the Monk seemed surprised.  He had mistakenly thought I said we had a dying person in the back of our car. The Monk told us he would take the crow to Akong Rinpoche to decide its fate. I have to say I found that somewhat strange because my belief was it would be best to kill the crow to end its suffering. Oh, how I have come to see the error of that belief!!!

That afternoon, I met with Akong Rinpoche.  Akong had escaped from Tibet when the Chinese invaded. Sitting down in the chair opposite Akong, I immediately felt electrifying energy that seemed to overlay all forms of physicality, except the shape of Akong Rinpoche himself. I began to feel a different state of being arising.  The intensity of the surrounding silence stimulated my ears to the point of pain, then as I thought my ears were going to explode, a breakthrough.  I could hear, understand and picture the words Akong Rinpoche was saying to me. This state reminded me of similar experiences in my childhood. 

Time had no meaning in this state of euphoria.

As my eyes began to re-focused, I could now feel my body, see all objects and Akong just as they had been before experiencing what I can only describe as an out of body moment.

Coming back down to earth, I now showed Akong the photos of my Healing Centre in Auchendinny.  Without further ado, Akong spoke.  “I will be you overseer, and I grant you a Dharma Centre”.  Meeting over.

I had no idea what a Dharma Center was, Buddhism or the plight of Tibet and the Tibetan people.  I felt compelled to find out.  Look out for Part 3 – coming soon.