With Samye Ling fading into the background, my friend is focusing her attention on driving safely, as she navigates the narrow, winding road back to Edinburgh.  I am watching the sheep grazing on the grassy verge at the side of the road.  They take no notice of oncoming vehicles and are known to meander at will across the road without warning.

My laughter is still bubbling away on the surface in between reminiscing with my friend over the day’s events. 

“So, how come you are living in Auchendinny, have you always lived there?” asks my friend. “No, I’ve lived mostly in Edinburgh.  How I came to live in Auchendinny is an extraordinary story that began a few years ago.  It was a Saturday morning, and I woke up thinking about a new fridge. I can’t remember now if I even need a new fridge.  Suffice to say that was the day I bought the house in Auchendinny.”

“You bought a house, not a fridge, bit extreme?” laughed my friend.

“Yup, it was crazy. What happened was the kids had been staying with friends overnight, so that Saturday morning, I was bored and unable to get the thought of a new fridge out of my mind, I decided to drive to a shopping centre on the outskirts of Edinburgh.  It was so bizarre; it was as if I was driving my car on autopilot.  Before I knew it, I found myself in George Street, in the centre of Edinburgh.  Slowing down, I joined the slow-moving line of cars in front of me.  I thought that most probably, these drivers were looking for a parking space.  On my left I noticed a car indicating to come out. In that split second, I quickly drove into the now vacant space.  Parking my car, I looked out of the passenger window, and saw the Edinburgh Solicitor Property Centre!!” As I got out of the car, I felt as if unseen forces were leading me in the direction of the ESPC.  It felt so surreal.  Anyway, pushing the large glass door open, I saw to my left and right numerous long lines of large notice boards each displaying many different properties for sale.  I silently asked myself, why am I here, what am I looking for? Almost immediately, I heard an answer”.

“Go to the right, walk down seven rows and look at the house in the middle of the seventh row.”

“So, you hear voices”, my friend laughed. 

“I’ve always heard voices for as long as I can remember.  As a child, I was punished for having too creative an imagination and talking about what my mother deemed as dangerous nonsense”.

“Anyway,” I continued. “In the middle of the seventh row, was a picture of a run-down cottage, it reminded me of a small but n ben.  The advert read that this four-bed house included twenty-one acres of land with numerous outhouses and a cottage. It was crazy; just looking at the pictures of this house made me feel happy. I had a sense that I belonged there.  I knew I had to go and have a look at it.  Suffice to say, I had no idea where Auchendinny was, but a map in hand I arrived at the house and knew without a shadow of a doubt, my two children and I were going to move there”.

“So, really had you not gone out that Saturday on the pretext of buying a fridge you would not have moved to Auchendinny, I would not have met you nor would you have met Akong Rinpoche. It’s a strange world, isn’t it”? Said, my friend.

“Yes, but what put the thought to buy a fridge into my head in the first place? That’s just the start of more strange and amazing events that later took place when I put my offer in to buy the property.” A twist of fate and my offer is successful.   Then an incredible spiritual message, a last-minute plan that guided me to obtain a mortgage and bridging loan, when my lawyer failed. However, struggling with financing two properties, bankruptcy is looming.  Suddenly, what I call a ‘divine intervention’ a miracle, ‘out of the blue’ my ex-husband decides to help me by selling his house and buying my Edinburgh home”.

“That sounds like a crazy story, I’d love to hear it, Alison”.

Now I hear the sound of gravel crunching beneath the car’s tyres as we pull into my driveway.

Fancy coffee and a chat next Monday?

Waving our goodbyes until Monday, I suddenly realised that I had more questions than I did answers about the day’s events, most importantly, my meeting with Akong Rinpoche.