The advanced mastery programme is designed for those who have a knowledge in the language of colour, face reading and personality assessment.

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Who Is It For?

Advanced Jam is for those who are working as Practitioners with the general public and who have communication skills, such as Counselling, NLP, and such like.
The basis of the Advanced training is for those seeking to add to their existing qualifications and those who have already completed JAM.

The Advanced Jam takes you deep into the language of colour and face reading and is the fastest way to identify you and other people’s personality, traits, mannerisms, behaviours and communication style.

Advanced Jam will offer you tools to assess and know the reasons why people are seeking help in the first place.

If you are fed up, stuck at a crossroads, or you have reached a time in your life where you now want to develop a better understanding of yourself and others, lead the life of your dreams and experience the joy, happiness, and success of being alive in each and every moment, then Advanced Jam will light your way.

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What it Includes

The language of colour and face reading, is a tool kit for the mind, it will help you to uncover and resolve blind-spots in personality & communications, identifying and understanding your triggers and enable you to reduce your stress and produce results.
Advanced Jam offers proven body breakthrough results!
Energise your mind & body using a fast, simple and easy system that will enable you to live true to yourself, as yourself.

  • Colour
  • Observation
  • Meridians
  • Light
  • Central nervous system
  • The aura
  • Telepathy
  • The language of colour consultation
  • Counselling
  • Meanings and stories of the dual colours
  • Examples of colour readings with voice over


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Was £1999

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Now £899 for access to the full course instantly
Or join our monthly subscription program where you can go at your own pace each month for as long as you wish


Give Yourself The Power 2 Be You

I find (Alison Demarco) to be very professional, accurate and profoundly honest, in the work that she does. I have known and used Alison’s recommendations over a long period of time and can honestly say, she has never failed to amaze me, with her accurate and reliable information and help and gifted as she is, as an author and spiritual advisor.

Sheelagh McMullins


“I feel like my vision was blurred, but now I can clearly see.
I feel really high as in happy and have an overall understanding of what direction I need to head.
Thank you Alison Demarco.”

Mr. Anderson


“Alison Demarco is an authentic, gifted, and insightful Practitioner and healer.
She helps you to understand better, who you are, why you think, look and react the way you do in this world.
Alison has a depth of knowledge that shines a world of colour into your very own Spiritual DNA.
It’s like truly meeting yourself for the first time!”

Denisa Fabiani

Studio Manager


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