Thirty years ago, I suffered a nervous breakdown. This incident including repeated stages of anxiety, was one of the most painful experiences I had to feel.

But upon introspection, since the last episode, I’ve been on a miraculous journey of self empowerment and healing that allowed me to tap into my intuitive energies.

I know it sounds a bit crazy but my old perspectives and out of date beliefs were blown out of water after I took the plunge and experienced a colour reading.

Getting an insight into my Personality colours left me awe struck. I realized the amount of self-work I needed to focus on to overcome my past traumas.

Finding out that I could express myself through the Language of Colour was so inspiring that I indulged my instincts further into Tarot Colour Card Readings.

Tarot Colour Cards are a part of Colour Therapy, with regards to Colour Psychology. Colour Therapy saved me and showed me how to turn my life around.

Come join me for a reading.

What is Colour Therapy?

Colours, just like every other element in nature, carry a vibration or energy.

For instance, when choosing an outfit to wear, most people make this decision based on their mood while some associate the colour of their outfit to a specific thought.

Think deeper. Why do we associate the colour white with a wedding dress? Why do we imagine the color red when we think of danger?

This is because colours have a visual impact and they create a specific mood. Therefore we associate red with passion and white with innocence. We understand the importance of ensuring balance within an individual’s energy field of the full spectrum.

Tarot Colour Reading in Edinburgh

I can assure you in all honesty that there is a simple and yet powerful way of understanding the journey you have been on and the journey you can go on.

I know it is absolutely true, there is no need to suffer emotionally, or feel depressed, it’s an unconscious choice, but a choice none the less.

So how can we choose a different way?

By embracing the art of Tarot Colour Card Reading.

Every individual in this world presents their own Signature Colour. They will naturally gravitate towards those energies that resonate and complement this attribute.

But we also radiate other colours based on our behavior or mood. The tarot colour cards give us further information by building on the imagery.

Colours that are predominant across your reading will have some influence, often depicting a mood, emotion, situation, or atmosphere that accompanies the card.

Here’s why you should consider a tarot colour reading session.

Boons of Tarot Colour Readings

Seek Refuge in an Intuitive Reading

A tarot colour reading in Edinburgh with Alison is a divine experience; it is a sacred dialogue with the universe. The cards, that speak directly to our intuition, are mere messengers who impart knowledge. By reading their energies and deciphering their associated colours, we gain insights into our past, present, and the future. We have an intuitive understanding of the principles that guide Colour Therapy and how this provides clarity about an individual’s personality, relationships, and purpose.

Embrace the Language of the Cards

We interpret the subconscious language of the tarot cards by tapping into the wellspring of our own intuition. Even while choosing the tarot colour cards, it our intuition that guides us to choose what feels right. The reading highlights truths of the subconscious mind, so with each draw, we help you embrace your journey toward self-discovery and transformation. As we choose the tarot colour cards, we also prepare you for the winds of change.

Channel Your Energy the Right Way

Tarot colour readings also reveal other benefits besides unlocking insights of the spiritual realm. They help address blocks that may challenge your progress. Whether it is deep rooted trauma, financial challenges, or limited beliefs, the tarot cards present solutions to tackle such obstacles, including insights, clarity, and strategies for overcoming obstacles. We will guide you through this process of healing so you feel empowered and obtain the courage to embrace change.

What Do Different Colours Symbolize?

Colour tarot reading can reveal quintessential things about your goals, personality, dreams, limitations, strengths, and more. By tapping into our intuitive energies, we can fully understand how this affects emotional, physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health.

Different colours in the spectrum:

  • Red: This colour symbolizes physical energies. It is often associated with strength, passion, courage, dynamic energies, intense emotions, aggression, anger, leadership, sexuality, and vibrance.
  • Orange: A little less intense, this colour intimates a passionate approach, symbolizes drive, ambition, and enthusiasm, and is associated with warmth and activity.
  • Yellow: This colour indicates intellect or intellectual balance, self-esteem, mental activity, memory, logical reasoning, consciousness, communication, and confidence.
  • Green: One of the more balanced colours that symbolizes fertility and growth, harmony, sustainability, peace, grounded emotions, prosperity and money.
  • Brown: Often associated with nature, earth, and animals, this is a wholesome colour that denotes stability, stagnation, and the material world.
  • Blue: This colour denotes spiritual energies, healing, peace, philosophy, religion, communication, empathy, subconscious dreams, and communication.
  • Purple: Unlike blue, this colour is associated with teaching, nobility, power, and compassion, including psychic and spiritual leadership.
  • White: This colour stands apart from the rest as it denotes purity of though, intent, and motive. It is strongly associated with purification, protection, faith, hope, clarity, and innocence.
  • Grey: This colour symbolizes darker emotions like depression, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and uniformity.
  • Black: Often considered a neutral colour, black symbolizes negativity, depression, grief, suffering, loss, guilt, abuse, mystery, and death.

Unlock Wisdom of the Tarot Colour Cards

Let the wisdom of the cards and language of Colour Corner be your guide through this dance of life. Through inspired action, intuition, introspection, and spiritual connection, you can chart a course towards a fulfilling and insightful future that’s brimming with passion, purpose, and endless possibilities.

I’m no different from you! Every individual has at some stage succumbed to a negative feeling but how we manage these emotions is the key to peace.

Colour tarot card readings are the key I have found most effective.

If you’re down and low, feeling stuck at work, confused in a relationship, lost with grief or are just looking for better answers, then I honestly know that a Tarot Card Reading will help you.

My Tarot Card readings offer a road map to delve into the different aspects of your life.

Is it time for change, time to get out of the stuck energy, time to move forward with purpose and happiness?

I can’t tell you how happy I am, as well as how happy my countless number of clients are now! Many keep in touch and together we have formed a worldwide community.

So, please let me help you if you are in need of guidance, would like to lead a more rewarding happy successful life and develop a positive healthy outlook on your life.

Book a reading with Allison or contact us to learn more.