A highly sought after speaker Alison Demarco has delivered her power packed
programmes to a British and International audience for over twenty five years.
Living in Edinburgh, Scotland, Alison is genuine, talks from the heart and has
the ability to capture and hold her audience. 

Alison motivates people to realise and reach their fullest potential in an unlimited
way with a twist of humour and practical suggestions.



Having issues with team dynamics and communications?

Alison will teach your teams or heads of departments how to analyse through face and temperament analysis techniques to ensure clear communication that delivers results and harmony


Alsion can coach your sales team to read your potential clients facial features
and temperaments so communication is delivered in a way the client will hear,
understand and make a decision faster!
Talking a client’s language is not always what you say but so much more than
that with huge success when applied



Everyone is interested in knowing more about themselves, it’s simply human nature.
Alison helps companies professionally draw in and secure optimum performance from management and employees. Alison will demonstrate how anyone can easily recognise the persona and temperament of different personalities including that of themselves and others.
Our feedback from companies who have undertaken the Training is that they have had a marked positive increase in staff’s attitudes, communication skills, and wellness. This has resulted in a general overall success in staff relationships and business outcomes.
The Personality Training is extremely relevant for all businesses. Staff and management who understand themselves as they truly are as well as how others actually are, can then share a common bond of understanding. Through this common understanding, all can develop rapport, thereby creating harmonious productive working and personal relationships.

Common understanding shuts down personality and communication misunderstanding.
Common understanding invokes the knowledge about what makes a personality tick, what state of mind the personality works from, and what their preferred mode of communication is.
Common understanding enables a trained observer to harmonise with another’s mode of communication thus giving the observer the upper hand in any negotiations and discussions.
Common understanding helps to create positive rapport, results and outcomes.
Common understanding stops whispered discontentment.
Common understanding allows the personality to speak their true mind without fear of ramifications.
Common understanding allows the personality to develop and grow in confidence.
Common understanding therefore enables individual personalities to create better working relationships, and increases, greater faster productivity and achievement.
Common understanding empowers staff helping them to feel more valued, motivated and therefore less likely to take time off work.
Positive dramatic results will be seen and experienced right away.
Personality Training is a simple unique facial and body shape analysis system taught by specialist Alison Demarco. During the training, Alison will facilitate participants through the process of revealing their hidden persona. In a safe and indirect manner Alison will show how when the persona is revealed it’s positive and negative aspects of character, personality, behaviours, traits, mannerisms and preferred mode of communication can be clearly seen.
Alison will also demonstrate and explain how the overall shape of a person’s body determines their temperament and how the temperament provokes the persona to react, interact and behave.

Helps With

  • Confidence
  • Direction
  • Decisive actions
  • Improves communication
  • Improves relationships
  • Helps goal setting
  • Clarity on each individuals approach to task/job/projects
  • Understand their role in the team
  • Helps cement good team relationships
  • Helps personality, team confidence and creating structures
  • Understanding individual’s mode of learning
  • Helps stop repeating past mistakes
  • Helps boost morale
  • Profitability via lower staff turnover
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Helps develop trust
  • Helps create highly effective people
  • Helps improve listening skills
  • Helps to be open and non-judgmental
  • Helps to see the world through other people’s eyes and viewpoint
  • Healthy mind, healthy body
  • Helps create healthy workplace habits
  • Helps management and employees to find their full potential
  • Helps develop creativity
  • Helps develop feelings of belonging to a company/team
  • Helps to get in touch with thinking/feeling/sensing states
  • Happier staff, happier team, happier customers
  • Happier customers return
  • Happier customers returning equates to an increased financial income

Corporate Readings

Giving insight, removing emotional blocks and giving clarity

Alison offers corporate 1:1 readings for businesses looking to offer staff another way to remove emotional and personal blocks.   During a reading Alison will cover many areas of your teams personality traits.   From identifying blockages holding them back in their professional career, identifying strengths to explore and nurture, give indications to strengths and focus going forward.   This is no ordinary reading!