Talk Cancer

Dynamic, Innovative & Creative Motivational Speaker and Personality Assessor.
Author of Dark Storm Golden Journey – The Signature From Tibet and Lomond’s Awakening



“Alison reads people’s lives as if they are an open book”
Acclaimed Author and Psychic & Personal Development Specialist Alison Demarco is one of
the world’s fastest and most accurate personality assessors.
A successful headline platform speaker, Alison has been deemed by some as the world’s #1 Psychic and Personal Development Coach
as seen and heard on television, radio and in print.
Alison shares with her audience, her remarkable journey in an inspirational and positively motivational manner.
From, adoption, to adopted mother’s suicide, to a dysfunctional relationship with her step-mother, lies, deceit and emotional carnage is all part of what Alison believes led her, firstly to anorexia, then to drink and marijuana,
then later in life to enter a deep depression and ultimate nervous breakdown, culminating in breast cancer.
Hear how in childhood Alison was seen by her peers as different, a wild child with a vivid imagination and who did not fit into the model of their world. Alison herself did feel different.
She always felt at odds with her family and her environment nobody understood her nature and she was shunned by most.
She now knows that this separation from her peers is why she developed other senses and learnt to trust her intuition.
It was the spiritual world that she turned to for guidance, love and knowledge but sadly this world only lasted
until she was sixteen, until after her nervous breakdown in 1991.

When Alison returned to everyday life after her nervous breakdown, she finally found that which she had been searching for, for years,
she found herself, her spirituality and was soon to become in her ‘element’ each and every day.
With direct real-life examples of some incredible ‘coincidences’ experienced throughout her life she will demonstrate to her audience how
in 1991 at age thirty-one she told the Doctor that she had breast cancer.
Although no lump could be felt her prediction of the location of the lump was confirmed by a mammogram a few weeks later,
much to the Doctor’s surprise.
In 2005 a chain of ‘coincidences’ again led her to be diagnosed with breast cancer.
This time the lump was attached to a muscle in the breast and diagnosed as grade four and carried a prognosis of a maximum of six months to live.
But a chain of miracles happened which changed her diagnosis and treatment in an amazing series of events.
Alison believes that her survival is due in part to her childhood and adulthood communication with spirit to conquer,
transform and triumph over insurmountable emotional mental and physical abuse.
As she relates her powerful story, she will engage with her audience, offering general helpful structures for surviving,
suffering and ultimately having the freedom to be in our ‘element’.