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Dynamic, Innovative & Creative Motivational Speaker and Personality Assessor
Author of Dark Storm Golden Journey – The Signature From Tibet and Lomond’s Awakening



“Alison reads people’s lives as if they are an open book”
Acclaimed Author and Psychic & Personal Development Specialist Alison Demarco is one of the world’s fastest and most accurate personality assessors. A successful headline platform speaker, Alison has been deemed by some as the world’s #1 Psychic and Personal Development Coach as seen and heard on television, radio and in print.


An International Speaker of immense experience, Alison has not only gained respect, but built a powerful successful brand. For over twenty-five years she has inspired, guided, motivated and helped thousands of people not only in the private sector but also staff, managers and business owners within high profile companies.
Having learnt with some of the world’s most renowned teachers, Alison’s wisdom and insights enables her to shine a laser light of awareness into the lives of those who are ready or nearly ready to reveal and understand who they truly are. Alison believes by leaving past beliefs and conditioning behind anyone can move into a new, more balanced and supportive reality.
As an accredited Psychic and Personal Development Consultant, Alison’s passion in life is to identify, understand and support the development of our true personality. Alison looks at the whole persona, including the character, traits, mannerisms, behaviour, actions, reactions and communication patterns. It is in the knowing of who we truly are that we find the very essence of our being, our passion and our purpose and where life changes will naturally become implemented.
Everyone can harness their own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual power. The results will be noticeable, it’s simple it is about a person having the right knowledge and understanding of their and other people’s personalities. It is through this cognitive process that true happiness is achieved. Although Alison’s system is unique, the subject matter is universal and can be applied to individuals across all industries and professions.
Alison is renowned for her ability and skills to motivate her audience and to facilitate their personal development so they will achieve harmonious, balanced, successful relationships.
What she offers you.
Alison offers a highly unique visual, and interactive in-depth analysis of individual personalities.
Alison demonstrates how the personalities interact, react and communicate with each other.
Alison reveals the different personalities hidden likes, dislikes, thoughts, feelings and communication traits.
Ultimately, Alison demonstrates through effective business strategies, how this unique knowledge will enable the different personalities to clearly understand each other’s ways.
Alison demonstrates how each of us are intuitively drawn through facial observation to the same personality group as ourselves.
Alison demonstrates the personality groups that each personality will either intuitively avoid or clash with.
As well as offering understanding of each personality, Alison will also offer guidance on how to clear up any misguided relationship differences.
Alison further looks at communication structures which will lead to the ultimate – balanced harmonious relationships.
Alison shows how through this common understanding all personalities will understand how they can become dynamic high performance individuals as well as a strong member of the team.
How she presents.
Alison is valued for her ability to engage with and bring together an audience in a relaxed professional manner. Alison explains in a simple, easily understood interactive tone the practical applications of recognising a personality from their face and body shape. Her presentation style is down to earth, inspiring, intriguing, fun and entertaining.
She presents in English.


Revealing the secret character and personality from behind the mask we wear.
The methodologies behind an individual’s personality.
Identifying individual behaviours, reactions, strengths, weaknesses traits and mannerisms.
Identifying individual’s preferred mode of communication,
Identifying individual personalities and their interaction with other team members.
Creating the ultimate successful team.
How Alison can help to create a stress free team
Personality clashes are a major factor in causing a company time and money and so Alison’s unique methodology, goes towards eradicating personality clashes. This in part lowers arguments, lethargy, and sick leave.
Irrespective of what establishment we are in, the common denominator is that we all work and socialise with people. Whether in business or not there is a value to understanding our differences. Through this understanding we can respect and value not only who we are but with precise knowledge we will know exactly who those people we come into contact with are.
By recognising what motivates us, we can find a greater quality in who we are, we can develop a deeper sense of self-esteem we can create an exciting life purpose and set goals for our future. The door opens to a new world of endless possibilities and allows us to achieve amazing results in everything we choose to do.
Very importantly though, because of personality understanding, the atmosphere in the working environment will be enhanced and good working relationships will flourish as will the work output. A happy stress free working environment leads to new innovation and growth.
Happy people create amazing lives.