The Temperaments & Face Reading Programme


Follow the simple and easy identification process of face & temperament reading. Learn about the information which can be gleamed about a person from observing, analysing and understanding the characteristics of the face and body shape

Identify the four different temperaments, seen in the overall body shape, which have a direct effect on our reactions, actions and behaviours

Read the thought-provoking questions, stories, exercises and universal knowledge on the consciousness of the “I am”

Overall steps to discover the true persona and intended pathway in life

Understand who you are attracted or not as the case may be and whom you have immediate rapport with and why

Be able to understand why you act, think, behave and communicate as you do and link to the positive/negative behaviour of others with clear insights.

Be able to live as you and create success, joy and happiness for yourself and those around you.

Create calm peaceful relationships because you can identify and understand peoples preferred communication modes.

Behind the mask

The hidden secrets that can be seen in the Shape, Characteristics, and Features of the face which reveals a person’s Persona, Personality, Traits, Mannerisms, and True nature. Define relationship choices, communication, thinking and behaving.Not only are we giving off information from our facial features but also from the overall shape, movement, and mannerisms of our body, this is our Temperament.The Temperament relates to the energy, actions and reactions we display in their everyday life.Face and Temperament reading offers precious insights into how we live our life, our inner and outer thinking and being.The analysis of our face and temperament offers us insights into our choice of relationships, who we are attracted to or not and who and why we click with some people and not with others. Understanding of the analysis of the Face and Temperament will help to develop clear positive communication skills and so create calm peaceful relationships.

The Human Temperament & Face Reading Programme, is led by Alison Demarco, a top trainer in her field for over twenty-five years.Alison is one of the UK’s top specialists in the use of the Language of Colour, Face, Temperament and Personality Evaluation, Corporate Team Building, Life Coach, Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Energy Medicine Therapist, a Visionary, Author and skilled Key Note Speaker.Alison has been seen and heard on BBC TV, ITV, Lorraine Kelly Show, Channel 5, Radio, and featured in the International Media.Alison is author of Dark Storm Golden Journey, The Signature From Tibet and Lomond’s Awakening.

Celebrate that what’s unique about you and live a happy successful and joyous life.

  • You do not need any prior knowledge of Face, Temperament or Personality Evaluation to get the most out of this Programme, and there is no time limit to completion.
  • The Programme is centered around a personal journey of transformation and discovery.
  • This Programme is designed for existing Therapists/Practitioners or anyone with interest in better knowing and understanding themselves.
  • Anyone wishing to understand Face and Temperament to use for their business model.
  • Suited for those at a crossroads and who are looking for motivation, change and enlightenment of the mind for self-discovery.


  • Understand the importance Face and Temperament analysis in our everyday life.
  • Peel away the lifelong layers to the real persona & personality
  • Identify negative thinking, feelings, bad habits and destructive patterns.
  • Develop your observation, senses, intuition.
  • Become motivated and aware of the universal flow of energy
  • Gain confidence in expressing what you think, feel and hear
  • Gain a reputation for identifying, understanding and transforming people through the hidden secrets behind their facial mask
  • Communicate effectively through the skills you have learnt
  • Apply, Face, Temperament, and the different communication modes to your everyday life and to your friends and clients.
  • THE HUMAN TEMPERAMENTS FACE READING MASTERY PROGRAMME is IPTI accredited.On successful completion of the course you can apply for membership and insurance from IPTI.


  • If you are looking to develop yourself, have a new and exciting outlook on life and want to broaden your intuitive spiritual self.
  • For you, if you have come to a crossroads or feel stuck and are unable to identify a future path.
  • You have woken up and asked the questions “Who am I, what am I doing here and where am I going”.
  • If you are an experienced career-minded person who is building on your existing career or if you are just starting out.
  • For you, if you have any experience or interest in Face & Temperament analysis, Personal Development and Personalities, Life Coaching, Counselling, Corporate Team Building, Health Care Professionals, Students, Teachers etc. and wish to add a deeper dimension to your existing skills.

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