Alison believes that In a universe filled with mysteries, one timeless truth persists: angels are among us. Her belief stems from her experience of such celestial beings. Alison sees the angels as many others as the embodiments of pure love and guidance, stand ever-ready to assist us on our journey through life. Regardless of creed, culture, or background, the embrace of angelic assistance knows no bounds.

Picture this: a realm where help is available around the clock, where every plea is met with unwavering compassion and understanding. This is the realm of angels. Yet, to truly harness their boundless support, one must first learn the art of connection.

The Sacred Act of Invocation

Invoking the aid of angels isn’t just a spiritual practice; it’s a profound act of empowerment. Craft your own invocations, tailored to your unique needs and desires. Alison knows that it is imperative to speak with sincerity, for angels heed the call of genuine hearts.

Nurturing Childlike Wonder

Within each of us lies an inner divine child, untainted by the scars of the world. Embrace this purity, for it opens the gateway to angelic communion. Cultivate a sense of openness, excitement, and wonder, and watch as the angels draw near2 and your psychic awareness heightens. 

Surrender and Release

In the hands of angels, surrender is not weakness; it is liberation. Offer up your worries, fears, and hopes alike, trusting in the wisdom of divine providence. Release all preconceived notions of how help should manifest, and embrace the unknown with grace.

Gratitude as a Gateway

Alison knows that gratitude is the language of angels, the key that unlocks the floodgates of divine abundance. Find solace in the present moment, and seek out the hidden blessings within every trial. Through the lens of gratitude, even the darkest of nights can reveal the brightest of stars.  See yourself as one of these very special bright stars.

Action and Trust

When guidance comes knocking, answer with conviction. Act swiftly and decisively, knowing that the angels walk beside you every step of the way. There is no request too grand, no dream too lofty for their boundless grace.

Healing through Surrender

Release the burden of self-judgment and criticism into the hands of angels, for they are the ultimate healers of wounded souls. In surrender, find solace, knowing that in the embrace of divine love, all things are made whole.

A Grateful Farewell

As you bid farewell to the sacred space of communion, offer gratitude not only to the angels but also to yourself. For in deepening the bond between mortal and celestial, you have embarked upon a journey of profound transformation.

In the tapestry of existence, angels are the threads that weave together the fabric of our souls. So, reach out, and embrace the guiding hand of celestial wisdom. For in the embrace of angels, miracles await those who dare to believe.  Phone for a reading on 07716 669 566