Whether there is evidence or no evidence, a belief is a state of the mind where we think something is a fact. A belief can be seen as a presentation to the mind in the form of an image or idea. It can be said that it can be an attitude with true or false outcomes stemming from a general idea. Belief systems can be found in philosophical, religious, ideological, political dogmas. We as humans know and believe and live our lives to a certain set of beliefs, for example, we believe to accept that the sun will set at night and darkness will prevail. We place an importance on a thing or action and outcomes which relate to what is best for us to live our lives. Our inner values are to do with what we determine is the correct behaviour for us to live a good life. If our values are low, then we lower our way of living and leading a better life and this reflects our sense of right and wrong or what should be. In other words, vices or virtues. 

ROMEO AND JULIET RELATIONSHIPS In everyday life, many people have, do and will suffer from the Romeo and Juliet Relationship. Rejection, longing, the loss or absence of a loved one can manifest in physical and mental symptoms. Depression, loss of appetite, hopelessness, insomnia, flashbacks, mood swings, tearfulness, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, upset stomach, dizziness, headaches and other physical symptoms may manifest.