Tarot Readings can range from dealing with difficult questions, guidance, support, relationships, the possibility of tragic events, work, finance and future direction. A Tarot Reading will offer people, the insights and structures they can follow to help with depression or issues they cannot handle alone. The purpose of divination is to seek guidance and support. BOOK YOUR TAROT CARD READING WITH ALISON DEMARCO EDINBURGH


As a practitioner, the best position is to have a set of strong values with regard to the work, in accord with the spiritual perspective. I ask myself, what is my motivation in doing this kind of work? The answer that initially springs to mind is to help others by giving them the insights gleaned from a Tarot Reading. But it is more than that!  It is to empower others to deal more effectively with relationships, direction and problems in their lives by giving them information on how to structure their future.

Often people believe that a reading reveals fate, a future written in tablets of stone that cannot be avoided. When my clients are overwhelmed by life problems, I encourage them to explore new possibilities, new structures and motivational techniques that address their issues. Tarot Card Readings show potentials, trends and possibilities for a person at any one time. At no stage does that person lose their free will. Does anybody get a new job or a new romance if they don’t make some moves towards their goal? A good reading should show ways of making desirable changes.

If you are a client looking for a reader who can give you real insight into your possibilities, then you should be looking for someone who has the insight to explain things in this way. Book your Tarot Card Reading today with Alison Demarco Edinburgh