You can connect to your emotional, physical and spiritual power by taking the Colour Therapy Advanced Practitioners Course

“Light must come from inside. You cannot ask the darkness to leave; you must turn on the light.” – Sogyal Rinpoche

  • Learn how Light and Colour are the catalyst’s to further awaken and connect you to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual power
  • Explore the reason behind the saying “I don’t get a good vibe” and how this is part of Light we naturally transcode
  • Understand the properties of Light, the power of Light cannot be denied, its lifechanging

Alisons Journey

When Alison Demarco first began her journey with colour, little did she know the road she would travel. Over twenty five years, her business was formed.  From TV, to Radio, to National and International press coverage, Alison visited many wonderful places, where she meet and trained with the most amazing people.  By passing on these teachings, hundreds of people have ignited their passion and now own successful businesses.

Due to Alison’s ever unfolding journey, she wrote and publish several books and most importantly leads a life which keeps her in her ‘element’.

Colour Therapy Advanced Practitioner Course

  • You will deepen your ability to sense, and follow your intuition, a process that has its basis in not only spiritual aspects but also in science and medical doctrines.
  • You will learn how to overcome the issues that have held you back from being the unlimited version of yourself


There is a worldwide, online and or in person professional business opportunity available on completion of The Tarot Colour Therapy and Advanced Practitioner Course.  The Colour Therapy Advanced Practitioner Course is designed for those people who would like to further their understanding of colour, offer readings to friends, family and the general public. Alison’s readings are in person in Edinburgh or online.  07716669566