Detach yourself from emotional negative dramaso you can find your true pathway to peace harmony and compassion

Tarot Card Readings with Alison Demarco will offer you guidance on how you can detach yourself from any emotional negative drama and help you to know the true pathway to peace harmony and compassion.  Does confrontation un-nerve you? Not sure how to deal with your or other peoples anger? How many times have you wished you had handled a situation differently? How many times have you lost the point of what the original issue was?  How many times after an argument do sit wishing you had added your part of the story? 

Harmful thinking, leads to harmful behavioural traits and more often than not this leads to criticism and negative communication to yourself, to others and from others.   

Let Alison help you to see how to become one with others and the universe. Learn how to become less identified with your and other peoples emotional pain and suffering.

For those suffering from emotional issues, a Tarot Card Reading will offer you the awareness on how emotional suffering arises, as well as how you can access and implement new coping structures.  Become aware of new ways to communicate your feelings and truth.

Do you shut your eyes to facts that are displeasing you? Overthink situations and feel exhausted?  Do you tend to please or agree with other people’s wishes? Are you looking to develop your inner intuitive self? 

Alison will guide you during a Tarot Card Reading towards your developing journey.  Once Alison makes you aware of the universal and  fundamental human nature, you will gain knowledge towards understanding how you can access your future vision. Alison uses Tarot Cards, Tarot Colour Cards, Oracle Cards, Face and Temperament Reading, NLP and Spiritual Healing.  Alison Demarco offers one to one Readings in her shop in Edinburgh or on-line.  07716669566.