There are many ways to become a personality reading expert and take your paychic tarot readings to the next level, and the best way for you to find out is by taking the Face & Temperament Reading course that Alison Demarco has carefully put together.

Alison’s training program will teach you how to read people’s energy signatures and identify their general emotional state

This information can then be used to provide readings that are specific to the individual receiving the reading. 

You’ll also learn how to use affirmations and positive thinking exercises in order, not only to improve your ability as a reader, but also help your clients achieve their goals.  As you work through the course you will begin to develop and trust your intuition.  Alison knows that moving towards the development of intuition creates a new psychic connection and the soul wakes up to become an unlimited version of self.    

  • What persona lies behind the mask you and others wear?
  • Understand why your relationships work or don’t
  • Better your personal and or business relationships 
  • Find out who your ‘perfect partner’ is  
  • Who is the person that you don’t get a good vibe from? 
  • Discover why you have difficulty with a family member, partner, or work colleague
  • Why suffer heartache when the answers are there in plain sight?
  • Learn your purpose
  • Remove the burden of guilt and past failures
  • Create desire and motivation 
  • Overcome stress
  • Build successful relationships 
  • Learn how to identify other people’s communication mode and how you can mirror them to achieve successful relationships 
  • Identify your positive/negative strategies and learn how you can apply them to your future success
  • Uncover the specific map of your and other peoples world


Shop now.  Alison holds workshops in Edinburgh as well as online.