Face Reading and YOU

It’s all in the face.. Natures elements are all part of our true nature..

 A Face and temperament reading are for those who are interested in getting to know themselves and others better.   By understanding traits, mannerisms, communication and circumstances a greater awareness and understanding of the whole aspects of a person will result.  


What can face reading tell me about myself that I don’t already know?

A face reading will tell you about your personality, your traits, and mannerisms, even to the events in your life that have moulded your personality.  leggi qui

What is a face reading?

A face reading is the ability to study the overall shape and characteristics of the face.  This is a relatively quick assessment that will then reveal data based on the use of the four key elements that are seen in order of predominance in your face.  These elements are integral to our existence and everyday life. The overall shape and structure of the face holds the key to the hidden understanding   of the very core level of our existence.