Have You Heard About..

Training – Business – Success..We can only discover our self and others through our observations southafrica-ed.com.  Such observation has to be objective and to achieve this objectivity we need to be detached from negative reactions and emotions and in control of our attentions.  Although we are taught arithmetic and grammar at school we are not taught how to become aware of what is going on in our minds and inside our physical system, to observe the unnecessary movements of the body and the mental associations we have.  Because of this, few people are able to become aware of what is actually going on inside themselves and other people, or in the room, the street, the landscape around them.  To hear properly, to listen, to see and observe, one needs to learn how to be still and silent, in a peaceful state, open to the sounds which come from outside, receptive to colour, shape and movement…. Alison Demarco teaches the way to reach your core personality and how to use all your basic nature to reach your goal, find peace and happiness.