How to Stand Out From The Crowd, know yourself and others better..

View and understand the very core of yourself and others and this will enable you to work towards being “in your element”.  Being in your element suggests that you are working with the elements that create balance and happiness. 

What is the Temperament?

The temperament is made up of only one element and governs how we behave.  By recognising this temperament which is seen in the overall shape and size of the body we can then see many different human behavioural layers, including basic reaction’s or non reactions.  By understanding your basic temperament will help you to cut through difficult issues with clear insight, it also helps with self esteem, self motivation, and will help to construct positive healthy relationships. This powerful understanding can then be put to use in our everyday lives.

Balanced communication is part of how we move through life without difficulties. Understanding how we and other’s communicate betters relationships