Membership to Colour & Face Reading Training and what is involved

Colour and Face Reading is a training that can lead you to self develop and even start your own business.

  1. How to read a person’s face to assess their personality.
  2. How to understand the elements that are seen in a person’s face and their relevance to their personality.
  3. How to read a person’s body shape, to assess their temperament, behaviour and mannerism traits.
  4. How to understand the language of colour in relation to a person’s core essence.
  5. How to understand the language of colour to assess a person’s life story.
  6. How to use the ‘Own Your Power Colour Tarot Cards’.
  7. How to use your new found knowledge in a professional manner to understand and help others.
  8. How to be able to formulate a Physic and Personal Development Consultation.
  9. Understand the many different psychic doctrines.
  10. How to understand and develop your psychic intuitive self.
  11. How to develop your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth.
  12. How to understand different modes of communication.
  13. How to communicate effectively
  14. How to remain detached from negative, aggressive confrontations.
  15. How to find your true pathway in life.
  16. How to plan, prepare and implement positive changes in your life.
  17. Goal setting.
  18. Understand the psychology behind failure.
  19. Understand the psychology behind success.
  20. Understand how you can plan and achieve a successful future.
  21. How you can come to terms with emotional pain, grief and transform suffering.