Workshop –  January 15th Edinburgh with Alison Demarco

Are you looking to learn more about yourself and how your personality affects your relationships? 

If so, Alison Demarco’s Face & Temperament Reading course may be a good option for you. This intensive program will teach you how to read other people’s personalities, understand the factors that influence their behavior and develop new communication skills.  Alison will show you how to use this knowledge to improve your interactions with others. The added bonus will be the development of your intuition and the awakening of the third eye, the psychic channel. 

The 1day intensive program in Edinburgh, covers a different topic related to personal relationships such as understanding your life purpose, the different communication styles, predicting financial decisions, decoding emotions, as well as seeing why or why not you are attracted to certain types. By the end of the workshop, you should have an excellent understanding of how your own personality impacts all areas of your life.