Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you could see and read an aura?

The Tarot Colour Therapy Course offers a practical grounding on the viewing, and drawing of living energy fields, the aura.

You can draw Aura’s because you have become skilled in the basic scientific modality of the sensory system

Alisons unique Tarot Colour Cards are used to take steps towards being a practitioner

Alison’s total commitment to Colour, drove her to create a deck of 49 single and dual Tarot Colour Cards.  They are a small, lightweight deck that offers a voice to the subconscious. 

The explanations and reading of these Tarot Colour Cards are all contained within the Advanced Colour Therapy Course.

Why not set a goal and become a digital nomad? 

A Tarot Colour Practitioner can work from home and or travel.  Just think how wonderful it would be to have such a fantastic goal that would enable you to see more of the beautiful planet that we are fortunate enough to live on.  You like Alison could find yourself living a much richer and fuller life. To become a Tarot Colour Language Therapy Practitioner, check out the Advanced Tarot Colour Therapy Course.

Take steps NOW and begin to learn how to make your dreams and goals a reality – learn the powerful aspects of Light and Colour and so initiate multiple successes.  Colour Tarot will take you on an incredible journey of self-discovery.  Study the language of colour and so read a person’s past, present and future including personality like an open book. SHOP NOW

Alison Demarco lives and works in Edinburgh she runs on line courses as well as in person courses, Tarot Card Readings, NLP, Spiritual healing, Reiki, Aura Camera Analysis.  07716669566