Colour – the blueprint of your life

Light and Colour, part one…

Story – Colour Sayings.

“Did you hear about the huge argument in the office today, between Josh the Manager and Julie the Director? I could see that Julie was actually ‘Red with ‘Rage.’ Josh simply hung his head; he hardly said a word in his defense,” Said Valerie. “Doesn’t surprise me, Josh is such a ‘Yellow Belly’ he won’t stand up to anyone, far less Julie,” replied Mary. “Well, Josh is always saying he is ‘Feeling blue,’ depressed and lonely. As for Julie, she is jealous of Josh; you could say she is ‘Green with envy, she hates the fact that Josh has money, all well and be it, inherited from his father. Julie often describes Josh as having been born into a family of Blue Blood aristocrats.”

Colour – The blueprint of your life!

Light from the sun gives us energy. Within light are varying wavelengths, which, when measured will relate to their frequency, vibration, colour, sound and energy.

Everything in life has a colour, and we are bathed in colour from the moment of our conception. We all resonate consciously and subconsciously with a descriptive colour language. Colour and its language will invoke our sensing as well as affecting us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This colour language is a dominant descriptive language and is as ancient as time itself.

Understanding The Language of Colour uncovers the truth, the radiant ‘I’ the purity of the soul.

You, like me, can jump into this magical, colourful world where colour invokes transformational life-changing results and helps you to expand your awareness and become successful, joyous, and happy.

Let’s start right now, with one bullet point description relating to the first of the twelve Colour Personality Descriptions. Another Colour Personality description will be added in the next article, but for more information, please click on the following link:


People with a high level of Blue energy live their lives according to their principles, and process information through facts, and logic.

Colour is energy, and consciousness is energy.

Consciousness is the heart of our being, the ‘I’ of our true nature. Imagine how you would feel if you could reach the ‘I’ the true ‘I’ the ‘I’ you refer to so much in your daily life?

Let me ask you, how can I help you to reach a special place where you can say ‘I’ am honestly at peace, and able to experience the feelings of confidence, love, joy and happiness?

Join me in the Joy of Aliveness Mastery Programme and experience first-hand how energy and colour are a constant flow of subtle information in each and everyone’s everyday lives. Learn how colour can awaken your senses and perception with more data than your ordinary senses can imagine, in other words, realize and master a new framework that illuminates a more powerful you.


Imagine what it would feel like to get ahead and live a more confident, happy, successful life?

This is the golden opportunity to learn how to unleash your real potential and create an incredible life for yourself. You can discover, realize and build on the true Blueprint of your life. From here on in, a colourful world will open up for you. This world of colour will offer you new skills so that you can enhance and build successful relationships, not only with yourself but with others. Redesign your life in a step to step process. Harness a power that will enable you to become powerfully strong in mind, body and spirit.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.