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Light and Colour, PART 11



What can you do when you face tough times? What happens when you begin to question ‘who you are’ ‘how you are’ ‘where you are going’ and ‘what life is about’.

We create our own reality of our perception of our world and much of that is based on external influences. When we take the time to begin to understand our real persona, then we begin to get what our purpose in life is.

Many people come to a crossroads in life, the emotional wastebasket becomes full and there seems no way out of confusions.

However, we can create a new way of thinking and so live in a world where we live ‘in our element’ happy, healthy and using our inner wisdom to be truly who we want to be.

All we have to do is create our universe by understanding ourselves, what we want to have, what we don’t want to have or do. The language of colour will help to identify the emotional issues so in turn will help us to be on our real pathway in life.

Do you believe that we can think our way to happiness? I know we can.

Saying positive daily affirmations in the present tense will empower you. This helps boost your self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.

If you repeat something long enough, you will begin to believe it and once this process starts then, you will reap the benefits. One day you will live your affirmation without having to repeat them.

The result of repetitive affirmations is multi-fold. You will automatically draw on your new affirmation when needed as it will have become embedded as your new positive belief.


Illuminating golden light emanates from within




Let’s start right now, with a bullet point description relating to the Gold Colour Personality.

  1.  Wise
  2. Illuminating
  3. Caring
  4. Courageous
  5. An old soul

Another Colour Personality description will be added in the next article, but for more information, please click on the following link.

It is about being humble and learning to become whole…


The colour gold relates to your vitality and energy levels. It is to do with awakening your ancient wisdom and using this in this lifetime to inspire others.

You know the answers. Sometimes not knowing where they came from. You speak your wisdom. Trust this inner knowledge and use it to help others.

It is about being humble and learning to become whole, utilizing the aspects of the soul life and personality life.

It is to do with your soul work and your service to humanity; the opportunity to be ‘a light’ to the world.

Be ‘a light’ to the world


  1. The Gold personality benefits from chunking their daily life into manageable sections.
    2. The Gold personality’s daily plan should include, exercise, time for dreaming and time for psychic development.
    3. The Gold personality benefits from finding one person or a group of like-minded people who support them and their interests.
    4. The Gold personality benefits from thinking about how they can do more for themselves.
    5. The Gold personality benefits from visiting spiritual places.
    6. The Gold personality benefits from taking time out to learn new communication skills.
    7. The Gold personality benefits from understanding how other people think and behave.
    8. The Gold personality benefits from becoming less attached to holding in their emotions.
    9. The Gold personality benefits from trying to focus their mind forward to the future.
    10. The Gold personality benefits from starting a business. Subjects can be beauty, colour, clothes, interiors, health clubs, restaurants, or any other creative subjects.

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The Gold personality benefits from visiting spiritual places.