Red energy

Are you looking for a fresh start, a change in your personal and or business relationships?

Throughout our life, we are swept along by outside influences, by events, people as well as internal and external forces.

Self-realisation – Waking up to look for ‘something else’ or finding ‘something missing’ provokes a reaction, an awakening. This awakening leads us to the source of our consciousness. Discover answers to your questions by moving from your limited view of the ‘self’ to an unlimited view of your ‘self’. Let light and colour illuminate your path as you unveil the pure essence of your real personality. The truth is that you can lead the life of your dreams.

The truth is that you can lead the life of your dreams

Let’s start right now with one bullet point for the second colour description from the group of Twelve Colour Personalities. Another Colour Personality description will be added in the next article, but for more information, please click on the following link.

RED The red personality is extroverted, has a positive outlook, is assertive, with high energy, are action-oriented and always in motion.

To be present at the moment is the responsibility of the consciousness, an independent activity separate from the intellectual mind which occurs when in the moment of such consciousness.

To be present at the moment is the responsibility of the consciousness

Be kind to yourself, invest in yourself and implement a programme that combines the wisdom of ancient knowledge, philosophy and the core essence of life itself.

Everything in life is energy, learn how to tune into this energy, and learn how it’s language, will cut straight through any barriers, directly to the root and heart of the matter.

Know and apply transformational structures to radically change your life.

Celebrate your life in color!
The way you live your everyday life – your outer world, is a reflection of how you think in your inner world. Understand and trust the process, break down the barriers of your limitations, harness the power within you and become the very best you can be. Light up your life.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.