Orange power


As we have discussed in previous articles, everything in life has a colour, has energy, frequency and vibration, so how does this affect us?
Colour affects us at all times during the day and while we sleep. We see in colour, we dream in colour, we think in colour and use our colour preferences in the clothes we wear and the colours we decorate our home in.

Every one of our thoughts can be transcoded into frequency and colour. Have you ever walked into a room and said “I don’t get a good vibe? Vibe is short for vibration, vibration from the frequency you are intuitively picking up on and the frequency you have subconsciously decoded into colour.

Every one of our thoughts can be transcoded into frequency and colour

When you say “I don’t get a good vibe,” you are thinking, intuiting, sensing and decoding subconsciously the frequencies surrounding you. Through this sensing, what follows is the experience of the feelings of what you have thought, sensed, intuited and subconsciously decoded.

Do you ever question what you are sensing? Do you ever wonder how you reached your opinion? What would change for you in your life, if you could become aware of your thinking process? What, if you could become aware of all the energy around, you in an awakened state? How would you feel knowing precisely what you are sensing?

You feel you have a lot to offer the world….


Let’s start right now, with one bullet point description relating to the first of the twelve Colour Personality Descriptions. Another Colour Personality description will be added in the next article, but for more information, please click on the following link:


A daredevil, self-confident, fun loving, happy go lucky achiever who loves challenges, excitement, freedom, and adores success.


Be awake and present
Still your thoughts – meditate
Keep observing your thinking and your emotional reactions
Do not sidestep the challenge
Ask yourself what is being presented to you that you can learn from
Meet your challenge – chunk your problem down into smaller parts
Write out a consequence for each chunked piece (If I do this, this will happen)
Be awake and aware of your desired outcome
Look for the opportunity within your challenge
Believe that you have the potential to overcome this challenge
Take action

Imagine what it would feel like to get ahead and live a more confident, happy, successful life?

Imagine what it would feel like to get ahead and live a more confident, happy, successful life

This is the golden opportunity to learn how to unleash your real potential and create an incredible life for yourself. You can discover, realise and build on the exact Blueprint of your life.

From here on in, a colourful world will open up for you. This world of colour will offer you new skills so that you can enhance and build successful relationships, not only with yourself but with others. Redesign your life in a step to step process.

Harness a power that will enable you to become powerfully strong in mind, body and spirit.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Orange magic!