Have you ever had difficulty communicating how you truly feel? Have you ever struggled getting your point across to someone? Do you sometimes beat yourself up over your insecurities, fears and anxieties? Do you wish you were more assertive in your communication? Would you love to have the skills to be able to speak out your truth? If any of these resonate with you, please read on.

What if I told you that you could easily obtain the skills to identify a persona prior to becoming involved with them? Take a moment and ask yourself to imagine how much these insights would empower you, as well as helping you to make constructive relationship choices?

So often we internalise our thinking, allowing our thoughts to go around and around in our heads. Out of control thoughts can in turn cause us emotional and physical pain. Information overload can often cause difficulty in sleeping, can keep us awake, cause us stress and ultimately bring us down. This can lead to exhaustion, lack of energy and even feelings of depression. What if you had to knowledge to stop your internal chatterbox?

Take charge, unlock the doors!

The Language of Colour will open a door to your inner and outer world. Your inner world, the persona and secrets you hide behind your everyday character.

I’ve lost count how many times people have come to me searching for ‘something’ but have no idea what that ‘something’ is. A person’s colour choices will identify that ‘something’ their life story, mannerisms, behaviour patterns, beliefs, thinking processes, preferred communication modes as well as their soul’s purpose in this life. By communicating through this subtle colour language, we can cut right to the heart of the matter. Not only is colour a personality analysing tool, it is also a powerful experiential system used for personal development.

Through the language of colour, you will be able to see, hear, think and understand your behaviour, find solutions and structures to help release you from past conditioning, as well as freeing up any limiting beliefs. Colour brings us into the moment and into the future through the subtle language and vibration of its energy field. Light from the source, light in the beginning, light in the now, light everlasting and evermore. If we allow it, light will illuminate our lives to the point that we can see clearly not only ourselves but others and all which is going on around us, within us, through us and by us.

The Language of Colour will open a door to your inner and outer world. Your inner world, the persona and secrets you hide behind your everyday character.

Let’s start right now, with one bullet point description relating to the pink Personality.

Another Colour Personality description will be added in the next article, but for more information, please click on the following link. https://alisondemarco.com/joy-of-aliveness-jam/


If you described yourself as the colour pink, you would be someone who is: –

2. Nurturing
3. Caring
4. Sensitive.


Chunk your daily life into manageable sections.
2. Your daily plan should include, exercise, time for dreaming and time for psychic development.
3. Find one person or a group of like-minded people who support your psychic nature.
4. Undo conditioning and daily routines.
5. Visit spiritual places.
6. Take time out to learn new communication skills.
7. Understand how other people think and behave.
8. Become less attached to your emotions by identifying your reactions in an awakened state.
9. Understand that it is a soul searching that you are looking for and use that to help yourself and others develop their compassionate nature.
10. Help others to find themselves and help those who need healing.
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Loving. Nurturing. Caring. Sensitive.