I found it hard in finding a spiritual and psychic reading that was spot on, covered messages from a loved one who had passed and also answering questions about myself past, present and future.  Over the years I have been to many spiritual and psychic nights and private readings and never really found anyone I could fully trust.

When I met Alison Demarco in Edinburgh at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange she was so lovely and warming and I was really surprised to be presented with colour cards, this was something I had never seen or experienced before.   The process was very interesting and from right out of the gate Alison got it spot on.
She gave me multiple spiritual messages from my passed grandfather who I adored and it was fantastic to know he was still guiding me.

When she read my cards in the reading she identified blocks, situations, feelings and more that she elaborated on and and talked me through.  It was the most in-depth, enlightening and calming reading I have ever experienced.   There was no doubt in what she was telling me as the information could not have been known to her.

I have recommended Alison for psychic and spiritual readings to many of my friends and business colleagues and everyone has had amazing feedback.   I would have no hesitation in saying to anyone to get a reading from Alison!

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