What is the Tarot Colour Therapy Course? 


Alison Demarco’s exclusive Course in Tarot Colour

With over twenty five years of working with the Language of Colour Alison absolutely believes that through your Tarot colour choices you will Light up your soul and express yourself freely. Tarot Colour will lead you to develop unlimited version of your authentic self.

The Tarot Colour Therapy Course is an online 12 part teaching course, which covers the foundation of all life – Light.  Light contains – Wavelength – Frequency – Vibration – Colour – Sound – Energy – Matter. Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and a universal everyday essential for life, living, health and energy.  Tarot Colour Language is part of this spectrum and gives a voice to our innermost thoughts, personality, and health.

Tarot Colour Therapy Foundation Course

Alison has specifically designed this Tarot Colour Therapy Foundation Course to offer the student building blocks to understanding the principals of how we are telepathic receivers and transmitters.  Alison explains why we are all interconnected to the vast unlimited universe and the very core of nature itself. These building blocks are the structures that students will learn because they offer the fundamental doctrines of Personal, Spiritual, Psychic, and Mediumship development and will enable you to become an expert in this field.

“Colour the connection to your inner light, the LIGHT present at the moment of conception – the soul”. Alison Demarco. 

Are you looking to find your purpose?

Looking to find out more about yourself?

Struggling with low energy and depression?

Searching for direction?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Struggling with loneliness?

Struggling with finances?

Struggling with relationships?

Struggling with low confidence, low self-esteem?

At a crossroads?

Looking to heal yourself?

Have a strong desire to help others?

“Without Light there would be no life as we  know it.  Tune into the wavelengths of Light and surpass your greatest dream” – Alison Demarco- Edinburgh 07716669566