Temperament and Face Reading

Your true personality is revealed in the overall shape of your body and face. learn more… If we truly realize that consciousness is external, and that we ourselves are opened or closed to the various elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water then, by studying the Airy ones, by daydreaming to Watery ones, by skill and action to the Fiery ones, by practicality to the Earthy ones it is that which will help evolve us.

The more elements anyone develops the more aware they will become that consciousness is external.  This explains why animals and insects “know what to do”.  Their brains are receiving sets tuned to certain elements and they perform accordingly. Their “circuits” are more fixed than ours. We use these same elements ourselves, but we have the potential for using the combinations of each and every one.     When we had even less consciousness than we do now, we used to copy one animal after another in order to gain the skills which they had.Learn more by joining my Face Reading Training..