The power of colour can’t be underestimated.

Colour is energy, vibration, sound, frequency and can be transcoded into matter. Sit quietly, close your eyes and choose a colour that you are attracted to or which comes into your mind. Allow this colour to wash over you, healing you, inspiring you, invigorating you. The colour you choose is the colour that represents your healing needs at this moment in time.

Colour is energy, vibration, sound, frequency and can be transcoded into matter.

As colour is energy, your colour choice raises your vibration using its frequency to sooth, attract and implement the highest vibrational healing.

Colour not only describes your persona it relates to your energy field both inner and outer. This energy field (the aura) vibrates at all times and contains information and which we use telepathically.

Telepathy is when we pick up on the different frequencies and transcode their information.

Colour has power

For example, a girl thinks of about one of her friends. The process starts with this single thought, the thought of her friend. She then actions her thought and calls her friend. The friend who is receiving the call is suddenly interrupted by a sudden picture of the friend who is about to call her. She does this by subconsciously transcoding her friends thought which comes to her as a wave of energy.

Contained in this wave of energy is the frequency and information which she decodes into a picture of her friend. The next second the phone rings and there to her surprise on the other end of the phone is the very friend she has just thought about.

But let’s dig a little deeper and ask the question, who thought the thought first?

Was it the friend who called or was it the friend who received of the call, did the friend who received the call subconsciously think of her friend first, thus provoking the thought to the caller in the first place.

My color says

In other words, the thought is sent out as frequency; frequency contains the information of the thought. The one who received picks up on the frequency and transcodes its information in thought form usually as a picture of the person who has sent out the thought in the beginning.

Not only do we continually send out energy via frequency, colour, sound and vibration but everything in life has a frequency, and within this frequency is a wealth of information. We express ourselves through the colours we wear and the colours in our home.
We express ourselves through the colours we wear.

Often, we communicate by saying, I do not get a good vibe from her, him, the room, the house… vibe, is short for vibration.

The saying, red with rage, off colour, green with envy, are some of the very simplistic forms of how we use the language of colour.

Color Choices Matter

This language of colour is our secret friend. It will lead us to understand ourselves better and can be used in our everyday life to enhance our surroundings.

Don’t make any mistakes when choosing the colours in the clothes you wear. Realize how to use colour to influence others by selecting the appropriate colours to wear for any occasions to achieve your desired outcome.