Sun – Light – Colour

What do you think you would do differently in your life if you could dramatically increase your ability to perceive new information from the world around you?

What if I could tell you the SECRET KEY to connecting with the unseen, the universal flow of conscious energy, begins with LIGHT. So, what, you may ask, is LIGHT and why is LIGHT so crucial to our everyday life? And how can LIGHT help me?

Light is a vital force for our survival on earth

Did you know that Light is a vital force for our survival on earth and evidence of this has been documented in multitudes of universal scientific experiments? LIGHT and its properties are an integral, essential part of our existence.

Apart from the scientific study of Light, many influential and enlightened Masters have long tapped into the ENERGY and COLOURS of LIGHT. They used this ancient skill to perceive, create, manifest and in some cases, reach enlightenment. Einstein, Aristotle, Babbit and Birren were a few of those pioneers who knew the extensive power and properties of Light.

Put simply, without LIGHT (electromagnetic radiation- visible light – visible to the human eye) from the sun; there would be no life as we know it. When light is broken down through a prism, colours from infrared to ultra-violet rays can be measured for their wavelength, frequency, colour, and sound.

Without light from the sun; there would be no life as we know it

Light helps us by feeding us nutritionally – both physically and spiritually. Sunlight produces energy. For example: In green plants, the sunlight produces energy so the plants can create sugars, mostly in the form of starches. When a living entity eats the plant, the energy is then released to it. The Green we see from the plant is due to light being reflected from it, while it absorbs all the other colours.

Light and Colour enable us to evolve by answering the questions that many, many people ask throughout their life “Who am I and what am I doing here,” but, let’s face it, in today’s world – WHO takes the time to find out? How many of us live our lives with one eye on the clock? So, to evolve and raise our awareness, mind, body and soul and become knowing of our pure consciousness, we must set aside quality, quiet, me TIME.

Me time!

This quality quiet TIME, is a reflective time, a time for calming and quietening the mind. Once the mind is quiet and calm, then it becomes de-cluttered from its everyday thinking, stresses and emotional anxiety. The emptier the mind becomes, the more time there will be to identify the true self and touch the pure consciousness, the consciousness we were born with, before outside influences.

Light, colour, frequency and sound, all contain an invisible ‘how to’ descriptive language. Powerful marketing companies and businesses know the language of colour and identify specific colours to establish their unique corporate presence in the National and Global markets.

Thirty years ago, I trained in the science of Colour Psychology, and the Science of Energy Field Medicine. At this point, my life took a complete about turn for the better. Up until then, I had been for the most part, utterly miserable, unable to cope with my young children and exhausted leading this mundane, almost meaningless life.

Something deep down within my psyche knew that there had to be more, more to me, more to life and more to living.

Then, a miracle happened, I met an amazing Visionary lady, who translated my colour choices, offering me knowledge on ‘how what, where and when’ making sense of my persona and my past, present and future journey. Through this Colour Analysis, I finally woke up and began to own my true nature, my spirituality which skyrocketed me into a new and exciting world.

Through my new colour language awareness, I learnt how to identify, observe and communicate with others in a positive, balanced manner. I now had the skills to create and develop harmonious relationships. Colour Language showed me how I could positively change my thinking, leading me to become a confident role model for my family and friends. I was now empowered, successful and best of all HAPPY. I know now this was my right. It is your right too.

Your personality colour choice is the first part of seeing yourself in a brand-new LIGHT.

Having mentored thousands of people both nationally and internationally for over thirty years, I honestly know that The Language of Colour will identify the true self, the core essence, and motivate those people looking to change their lives, to harness their own power. It is everybody’s right to experience the joy of being in “Your Element”. Let your instincts kick in.

Take a moment and think about what colour would describe your personality best. Don’t think about your favourite colour for clothes or the colours in your home, instead, think about what colour describes YOU. Your personality colour choice is the first part of seeing yourself in a brand-new LIGHT. Experience a spectacular world of colour through new eyes, tap into the consciousness that lies awaiting your recognition.

Coming next – Light and Colour, a three-part series – COLOUR AND PERSONALITY EXPLAINED.

Colourful Festival