Why am I attracted to certain people?

A temperament relates to how we act, react and behave.  the question ‘Why am I attracted to certain people?’ all comes down to Temperament.

Alison Demarco uses an ancient system of analyzing body shape in relation to discovering our Temperament.   Observation of the overall shape of the body, and assigning one element from Earth Air, Fire, Water, will offer us an understanding on the behaviours of the personality, actions, reactions, thinking.

  • Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to some people and not to others?  
  • Why do you get on with certain people and not others? 
  • Which Temperaments we are most/not attracted to?
  • Which Temperament offers us the best relationship?  
  • Why do we always go for the same type of partner? 

Are you interested in learning how to read other people’s temperaments?

Then the Face and Temperament Reading Course is perfect for you! 

Alison leads this on-line course that will teach you how to accurately read other people’s emotions, attitudes and behaviors through looking into the inner world of our temperament.

Join Alison as she reveals the secrets held in the overall shape of the body and the face 

Alison shows you how this knowledge can define mood, disposition, emotionalism, and the characteristics of yourself, others.  

  • How would it feel if you could know exactly how you think?
  • Is your glass half full or half empty?
  • What are your behavioural survival patterns and conditioning? 
  • How aware are you of the unlimited potential of self?  
  • What would it feel like to be in an awaked state and access your intuition?   
  • Would you like to understand others better, and build stronger relationships?

So, if becoming a confident reader of your/other people’s moods interests you, then check out the Face & Temperament Reading Course today!  Alison is based in Edinburgh and offers one to one appointments.