Face and Temperament reading courses with Alison Demarco is a great way to learn more about your own personality and the personalities of those around you to develop stronger relationships, manage difficult situations better, and receive a greater understanding of yourself. 

The Face & Temperament Reading Course is also aimed at developing the confident self and trust the intuitive psychic nature that is waiting to shine. 

Join Alison Demarco in this Face and Temperament Reading Course online or in person in Edinburgh.

The beauty of the course is that you can learn at your own pace and will receive guidance and support from Alison Demarco. Alison believes that it is essential to know the ‘How to overcome the past’, balance life in the present and understand the structures on how you can lead a happy, peaceful life. You’ll also learn how to use affirmations and positive thinking exercises in order to not only to improve confidence but also your ability as an accurate reader.

The more she learnt the more she grew into ‘her element

Alison strongly believes that when she learnt this Face Reading System, from a group of elderly philosophers, it was one ginormous catalyst that catapulted her into a mindset where everything about human nature and personality made sense.  This invaluable education led her towards developing her personality, as well as a deep foundation to understanding human nature.  The more she learnt the more she grew into ‘her element.’ 

Alison teaches how the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water are seen in the overall shape and characteristics of the Face and will demonstrate how these elements determine behaviour/ thinking styles, reactions/actions, and life purpose.  Furthermore she shows how to develop these elements for confidence, relationships that work, future happiness and success.  Shop now for 1 day Edinburgh workshops with Alison Demarco.