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Discover how to bring the unseen into the seen and behold
the marvellous world of nature and that of colour and energy fields.
Perfect for beginners, tarot practitioners & spiritual guides


This course will highlight the best ways to overcome
emotional blockages, to reach out towards goals and to identify
your true personality. This enables you to know what it feels like
‘to be in your element’ and identify it in others


Alison offers a range of therapies from
NLP, Reiki, Readings, and more in her online shop


Own your own unique set of colour
tarot cards to guide you daily 

Are you looking for more insight and clarity into your life?  Are you feeling stuck, maybe you are not being heard?

So many people go though life blaming themselves or wondering why communication is so challenging and causes stress, anxiety and even depression.

Maybe your relationships are suffering at work or at home and you just wish you were heard.

However sometimes you may just need to hear and feel the presence of a loved ones who has passed to give you direction, clarity and focus.

If you answered yes to any of these then a Psychic Tarot Reading from Alison Demarco could be the answer you are looking for.

Alison Demarco, Psychic Tarot Reader, provides psychic tarot readings and courses to help you gain a better understanding of yourself, relationships, and life in general.

Through her tarot readings, she can provide guidance on communication issues, relationships, and self-love so you can gain clarity and insight into your life, relationships, and future.

Her courses will help you tap into your intuition, manifest abundance in all areas of life, and provide powerful insights that can help you interupt patterns of self-sabotage.

Break through the communication blocks holding you back from achieving the success and happiness you deserve. Unlock the power of tarot readings to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, and those around you.


Get started on your journey to a more empowered version of yourself today with Alison Demarco Psychic Tarot Reader.

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Helping you to dive deep into your subconscious to identify a route or reach your goals



Be in Control

Do you want to take back control of your life and overcome any mental, emotional, spiritual & physical challenges?

Overcome Blocks

Do you want to have the freedom from emotional blockages, fear, overthinking or worry?

Be in Alignment

Do you want to be more confident with making decisions and act with your gut, heart, soul, and mind in unison?


Do you want to create new ways of understanding yourself and others, so you can communicate better within your business or work? 


Are you looking to find the perfect partner by knowing what to look for and what to avoid for you?

Be Heard

Are you sick of talking and feeling like no one listens in work, in relationships or even with your children and want to fix that?

If you answered YES, you’re in the right place




Alison can help you get more direction, comfort or clarity today!

Working deeper into your subconscious than traditional tarot your reading will give clarity

  • Book a reading of up to 60 mins
  • Explore Colour Therapy within tarot combined with vibration and light
  • Experience a deeper meaning giving you clarity and direction to move forward easier
  • Be in receiving mode from loved ones who have passed

Driven by a passion to help other people

Alison has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge gained from world acclaimed mystics, scientists and medical professionals.

She gained recognition in the 80’s and appeared in many TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines.  A remarkable journey unfolded with her first book ‘Dark Storm Golden Journey’ which was published in 1999, subsequently followed by a further two books.  Alison taught the’ Science of Light’ at Napier University for their HND Course in Complementary Therapy and was a volunteer for the training courses within The International Association of Colour Therapists.

Looking to become a practitioner or advance your skills?

Alison can guide you from total beginner to be able to understand and make steps to becoming a practitioner or help you advance your skills to a deeper level using colour, face and temperaments 

  • Advance your skills by choosing the monthly easy pay subscription or have full access straight away
  • Learn the language of colour in the colour therapy and advanced colour therapy courses online
  • Have the edge for communication with her face and temperament reading course that is perfect for individuals or corporate teams
  • Communicate better with individual team members and assist HR departments and sales teams to perform

Could this be for you?

For someone who is looking to ‘see’ behind their mask, and the mask others wear, to the outside world, then this powerful Face and Temperament Reading Course is for you.

Alison Demaro

Holistic Tarot Practitioner, coach, trainer and guide

Internationally renowned, Alison Demarco is a professional, motivational key note speaker, Tarot Colour and Energy Therapist, Face Reader, NLP Practitioner, as well as a corporate Team Building Coach.  Alison works in the public and private sector.  

With a passion to help other people, Alison has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge gained from world acclaimed mystics, scientists and medical professionals.  Alison gained recognition in the 80’s and appeared in many TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines.  A remarkable journey unfolded with her first book ‘Dark Storm Golden Journey’ which was published in 1999, subsequently followed by a further two books. 

She taught the’ Science of Light’ at Napier University for their HND Course in Complimentary Therapy and was a volunteer for the training courses within The International Association of Colour Therapists. 

What Alison Offers?

Alison offers practical personal developmental tools and insights into personality, shining a light on the fundamental building blocks of human behaviour.  Enlightens, empowers and authentically delivers her powerful message out to a World Wide Platform.

A chance meeting and subsequent training with the renowned Colour Therapist, the late Vicky Wall in 1992, set Alison on a discovery of the very fundamental, intrinsic elements of the core nature of life – Light.  In 1994, Alison predicted that she, herself had breast cancer, which was later verified by a mammogram.  

Now, Alison knew it was time to seek out the best Holistic Practitioner in Edinburgh;

Dr Muriel  Mackay.  Muriel not only offered Alison treatment, but training in Nutrition, Anatomy and natural remedies. It was not long before Alison was working with and helping Muriel in her Edinburgh Clinic.  Muriel suggested that Alison have a specialised aura video camera scan, with scientist Harry Oldfield.   The aura camera lit a spark deep within Alison, which activated a strong desire for her to know more.  With Muriel and Harry’s support, Alison overcame the challenging aspects of the ‘science’ of Light.  A year later in 1996, Alison qualified and became a practitioner of Aura and Energy Field Medicine.   

Alison claims that of all the things that she has learnt in her life, the biggest revelation was Face and Temperament Personality Reading. 

When Alison met William, he was in his late 70’s and part of a Philosopher/Artist group headed by Tamo De Jong.  Within minutes of their meeting, William had read Alison’s life and personality like an open book.  William gave a voice to the uttermost hidden mind, body and soul aspects of Alison’s nature.  Face and Colour are languages as ancient as time and are hard wired, right-brain processes, that are dependent on ‘mirror neurons’.  Alison’s next question was “What are ‘mirror neurons’?

Meeting Master NLP Practitioner Michael Spence, led Alison to train and become an NLP Practitioner.  Alison has helped hundreds of people over the years to change their thoughts and behaviours as well as helping them create the blueprint to reach their goals.

Overcome anything in your life


What People Are Saying

“This was a lovely reading. I felt go ‘mal-de-cluttered’ it helps me to understand myself and the way my thought process is.” Tracy Kelly
“I feel like my vision was blurred, but now I can clearly see.  I feel really high as in happy and have an overall understanding of what direction I need to head. Thank you Alison Demarco.” Mr. Anderson of Edinburgh
“Alison’s readings bring startling clarity to your life… understanding about your past, revelations about your present and vision for your future which brings a sense of empowerment…so that you can finally take full control of your future. She helps you to see your life and the patterns that you have been too close for you to see for yourself as in you can’t see the wood for the trees.  Alison’s readings are amazingly accurate telling you things that have happened in your life that you have never told to another soul.” Barbara Hosker
“Alison Demarco is an authentic, gifted, and insightful practitioner and healer. She helps you to understand better, who you are, why you think, look and react the way you do in this world. Alison has a depth of knowledge that shines a world of colour into your very own spiritual DNA. It’s like truly meeting yourself for the first time!” Denisa Fabiani
“Alison works from a holistic perspective. Her innate connection with the realms beyond the physical are natural and spontaneous.
Truly gifted as a healing resource.” Lynn Ogilvie
“I received a reading from Alison, it was very accurate and I was really surprised it helped me deal with some past emotions and also gave me a really good insight to my future.” Curtis Brisefert
I find Alison to be very professional, accurate and profoundly honest, in the work that she does. I have known and used Alison’s recommendations over a long period of time and can honestly say, she has never failed to amaze me, with her accurate and reliable information and help and gifted as she is, as an author and spiritual advisor. Sheelagh McMullins

🙏 Hey Alison, it’s R.. here from a while ago. I came to you about exam worries, a weird relationship thing etc.. if u recall.

Just wanted you to know that the approaches you gave me of cold showers and visualising success have paid off massively. I use the showers quite often but also I managed to get through all my uni problems and have progressed to next year. Once seemed unimaginable- but you really taught me how to cope and have empower myself! So thank you v much, I don’t know what could have happened otherwise. Lol.

“Alison is a brilliant psychic and has a lovely air which made me receptive and relaxed during the reading. I needed perspective and confirmation and she most definitely did that and more. Highly recommend!” – VM

30Min Biofield Aura Camera Viewer Session

The Biofield Viewer is a digital viewer which reveals your Aura via the camera, and your Chakras as living energy fields. Making the invisible made visible.  The Biofield Aura Camera Viewer observes and makes visible the energetic functionality of Aura revealing any imbalances and areas that would benefit from healing/treatment.

Learn At Your Own Pace
With Our Courses or
Monthly Modules Options

With many of Alison’s courses there is a depth of knowledge shared that offers INCREDIBLE value for money and now you can choose to learn at a steady pace with Alison’s monthly module learning subscription or you can pay up front and get access to all the content straight away and learn how you wish.   

Learn, study, put into practice and also receive 1:1 and webinar support 

These courses are based years of research, learning and practice throughout her career 

Choose your course, Go at your own pace & Monthly Subscription options


Alison’s Corner

Google Reviews

Mr Now
Mr Now
Alison was wonderful right from the first moment I met her she also gave me a very insightful reading and helped me deal with some issues from my childhood that I hadn’t accepted and was letting ruin my future after 1 hour with Alison. A feel like a have a plan and on the right path again women is total inspiring can’t wait for our next meeting
Victor Andres M.
Victor Andres M.
Alison is as sweet as she is talented. She read me like an open book and told me important things that I needed to know, and also things I already knew and was deciding to ignore. Her reading was very intuitive and practical. I will definitely be visiting her again, and recommending her to my friends.
Justine Blamey
Justine Blamey
A unique and wonderful experience with Alison. She was gentle and kind and offered some rare insight into my past which left me speechless and curious with the colour reading. Alison have sound and logical advice. I loved my reading and cannot wait to see what comes 😊
Colleen Thomson
Colleen Thomson
I met Alison in June for a reading. Absolutely lovely person, gave me some great advice. She was the boost I needed at the time to work on myself to get to where I wanted to be in life after being stuck for so long. Can't thank you enough ♥️
Bridget G
Bridget G
Alison is wonderful! She is compassionate, intuitive and immediately made me feel at ease. I've never had a reading before and my colour and spiritual tarot readings were so insightful and uplifting. Alison truly captured who I am at my core, provided comfort and clarity around recent events, and guidance in creating my new beginning. Alison is extraordinarily gifted and it was a great pleasure working with her.
Simar Pannu
Simar Pannu
My sister recommended Alison to me and I can say that it was totally worth it! She is incredible and gives you the most accurate guidance. A blessing for me and just what I needed. I genuinely recommend an in depth reading with Alison if you’re stuck or confused at some point in your life. I feel much more confident, relieved and powerful after my session with her. Everything she told me was accurate and to the point with some great guidance for the future. I really cannot recommend her enough. You have to book to know it! Thank you so so so much Alison, you’re an angel!
Laura Nelson (BreastestNews)
Laura Nelson (BreastestNews)
Alison is brilliant! I've visited her a couple of times now and am always welcomed warmly with open arms. She is a genuine soul who definitely makes you feel at ease. No subject is off limits and she's super easy to talk to. Her readings and intuition are spot on, and she just has that ability to help you heal those open wounds in a safe gentle environment. I didn't realise Alison also does courses to help you develop your own abilities! I'll definitely be booking onto one of those asap. Highly recommend!
Maria Jernslett
Maria Jernslett
Alison is a lovely and powerful presence. I went for a reading with her a couple of weeks ago and she read me incredibly well. She was able to see me on a very deep level and to capture key characteristics of my current situation without me hardly talking at all. It was a very helpful and illuminating session and I would recommend Alison to anyone! So glad I decided to go for a reading with her.