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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you could see and read an aura? The Colour Therapy Course offers a practical grounding on the viewing, and drawing of living energy fields, the aura.

There is a worldwide, online and or in person professional business opportunity available on completion of The Colour Therapy and Advanced Practitioner Course.  A Colour Practitioner certificate will be issues once the student has passed a Final Assessment Paper. The Colour Therapy Advanced Practitioner Course is designed for those people who would like to further their understanding of colour, offer readings to friends, family and the general public.

Self-awareness, self-observation, self-realisation.

The Advanced Colour Language Course, includes the perception and use of the ‘Own Your Power’ Colour Cards.  These specially designed cards, when chosen form a Reading. A person’s colour choices create a ‘direct link’ which reaches right down into the heart of the matter. Therefore, the reader has the ability to accurately ‘read the person like an open book’.

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he Advanced Practitioner Colour Course is a 7 part teaching course, combined with the Colour Therapy Course, that on completion of both, will result in a qualification as a Colour Practitioner.  The potential as a Colour Practitioner is unlimited. I know from my own experience, that when I stepped into the world of colour, I began to receive the absolute joy of knowing, accepting and developing mind, body, soul.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be living with peace, joy and happiness? Have you ever asked yourself what it would feel like to love life as an unlimited version of yourself?.  It’s absolutely true, you can if you have the right knowledge. Colour Language, is part of the construction of any business model, from individual to company branding, product branding, the colours used in décor, and clothes.   People unconsciously read and translate the messages behind the colours and make an assessment, a judgement on this basis.  Just like when we say ‘I don’t get a good ‘vibe’ is short for vibration.  The vibration is our sensing of the colour energy. We talk in colour ‘red with rage’ ‘green with envy’ ‘feeling blur’ are all part of colour language.

I just love being able to offer on line Colour Readings all over the world, as well as in person.  Do you have a passion to help others? A person’s colour choices have the advantage of passing directly to the source of a person’s issues.  Not only that, colour offers the personality profile, a persons preferred mode of communication thus improving healthier relationships.

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