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From the colour of our aura to the colour choices of our clothes, to the colours in our home and car, all give off messages and information about our personality, feelings and thinking. Marketing, industry and our everyday lives are governed by a colour code.  Why are we drawn to some colours and not to others?  Learn how this sensing is all part of our internal makeup.  The sayings ‘Red with rage’ ‘Off colour’ ‘Feeling Blue’ support the fact that there exists this subtle internal communication language.

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The Colour Therapy Course is an extensive detailed 12-part course, aimed at students who are interested in Colour, as well as Personal Development, Spiritual Development, and new ways to improve life skills. Colour Pictures accompany the data, to help and inspire the student to understand and retain the information.

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The basis of the Colour Therapy Course is to highlight the ancient language of Colour, the Colours of Your Consciousness and the properties of Light as a therapeutic healing modality.

Throughout the modules you will learn the meanings of the single colours of ‘Own Your Power’ Colour Cards.  ‘Own Your Power’ cards are a set of specifically designed 49 single and dual colour cards.  You will learn how, a person’s colour choices will reveal their personality, past emotional events, damaging behavioural patterns and conditions, and the motivational steps to harness the power of the healing light of the universal consciousness.

Colour choices will define personality

Colour highlights behavioural traits, patterns and conditioning

The effect of colour on the characteristics of the thinking mind

Colour helps to still the thinking mind

Colour identifies and reveals our subconscious thinking

Find the different aspects of the soul through colour, as the I of the true persona

Colour bridges the gap between our consciousness and the universal consciousness

Gain knowledge on the importance of Light, wavelength, frequency, vibration, colour, sound, energy and matter.

Experience the power of Light and its relevance in our everyday lives

Acquire the skills of transcoding the wavelengths of light, a telepathic link to the electromagnetic field the aura

Become sensitive to the energetic vibrations given off from objects and people

Discover your ability to draw a person or animals aura

Identify the basics of reading the meanings of colours of the ‘Own Your Power’ Card Deck.

Colour helps to ignite a deep passion within yourself for the spiritual and scientific aspects of life

Develop the link between colour and human nature and the natural world

Allow Colour to lead you to live a happy, successful, peaceful, fulfilled life you were born to live.

Colour will activate your Will to develop more intuitive, spiritual and communication based skills for better relationships, and answering those unanswered questions.

The colours of  your own Light will liberated the soul, and illuminate your future path

Learn how to know yourself through the colours of your own unique light.