Are You the Actress Personality?

Your face gives away the personality, traits and mannerisms and much more..

The purpose of using the elements and placing them in a sequence is to enable one to see one’s own self clearly.  Examining a person’s face closely and looking for the most dominant element will reveal their everyday state of being and tends to be a purer state. The most dominant element can usually be seen firstly in the eyes, then the shape of face, then in the mannerisms of the individual.

Most of us have two strong elements and two which are weak.  We tend to marry, or form relationships, with a person who has more strongly the two elements in which we are weak.  We instinctively reach for balance in our blind attempt to be whole. 

The elements we have first and third tend to be strong.  The elements we have second and last tend to be weak. Learn Face Reading and find out more..